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All my stories, no matter the fandom, are Gen and range from G to PG-13 only.

The following archive I created a while back for those stories not posted on my journal. But I'm terrible at maintaining archives, for which I apologize for, and what you see below is not all there is, nor is SGA the only fandom I've written for. My stories are a bit all over the place, and what can't be found in my journal or this archive can be found at the following sites.

To find stories on my journal just click on fanfiction or which ever fandom you are interested in in the tags.

SGA Chapter fics               

Wrong end of a Leash - Sheppard becomes the pet to an unusual, sentient being.

Just Keep Swimming - Ethereal entities, dolphins, horses, and a mystery illness. And one mustn't forget the whump.

Jabberwocky - How far wil John go to protect? Heads going snicker-snack and genetic impossiblities.

Squaring the Circle - Just how bad is it being on the wrong end of a mad scientist's experiment?

Mercy - John hates it, but pity is what's going to save his life.

Hound of Hell You Cry - Sheppard is stranded on an alien world where poeple are vanishing and nothing is what it seems.

Eyes Wide Open - Raally, really bad torture fic with some rather disturbing whump. Ye be warned. But it's still pg-13

A Change - Sam didn't see a change, no right away - crossover with SG-1.

Two Way Street - Survival, Shepard, it's all about survival. Team whumping.

Pyrotechnics - Space pirates, alien stow-aways, and crash landings. Kind of sucks having to save the day
when you're already wounded.

Sky's the Limit - In order to get out of yet another pickle, Sheppard takes the kick-butt ride of his life.

Wayfarers - WIP Sheppard and team make their way home.

Dream Eater - AU. Some stories are more than just stories.

SGA One-shots

Not a Liability - John back story. Why he doesn't leave a man behind.

The Raven   - His Dark Materials Fusion. It's not easy having a raven Daemon.                                                                       

Of Coloring Books and Lt. Colonels - John is obsessed with a coloring book. Rodney doesn't get it.

The "In which" Series.
Buzz - In which Sheppard suffers a sugar high.

Crash - sequal to buzz, in which the opposite happens.

Delirium - in which John is ill and making Rodney nervous

Zebras Bite Back - in which John is having a bad day

Finding Peace of Mind - After surviving terrible trauma, John continues to suffer.

Respite - A crisis as ended, now for a little down-time

Parasite - There's a reason John has bug issues.

Sheppard in Wonderland - Things aren't normal. A haloween tale that's not quite a ghost story, but not a tea-party either.

Not the time, Not the Place - John is ill and lost, and it's Rodney to the rescue, sort of.

Wave Rider - John in his element, water.

Apologies - Some things just need to be said.

Idle wild - Secret Santa fic for Kodiak Bear Country, who had wanted a drugged Sheppard.

Star Gazing - Sometimes you don't get what you want, you get what you need.

Heartbeat - How does one know what's real anymore?

Game Night - Sequel to Heartbeat. The team comes together to help John.

Do Not Disturb - Rodney tempts fate by ignoring the sign.

Freak - Something wasn't taken, something was gained.

Four Ways They Care - Fluff fic on the little way each team member shows how they care.

Returning the Favor - Rodney stuggles to get a wounded John home.

Didn't See This Coming - John knew it had been a bad idea to attend that party.

Mind, Body, Soul - The Long Good-bye missing scene. Just what was Thelan really like?

Warm and Safe - Sad, sad, sad. Wounded John and a cute critter.

Creature - From the POV of a beast. Who's the real animal here?

Unique - Elizabeth would know them anywhere.

Decent Enough Hero - Rodney's braver than he thinks and John lets him know it.

Trying - John really is trying.

An Exchange of Words - John and Ronon talk. Set in season two when Ronon first joins the team.

Kala's Tale - Legends do tend to exaggerate.

Calculating to a Fault - There was so much Rodney hated. Rodney angst, Shep whump.

Speaking for the Dead - "What say the dead?"

Spontaneous Group Hugging - Hypothermia and keeping warm.

Not an Everyday Sort - Sheppard's a hard man not to like.

Good Intentions - The Calva Countryside was lovely in the spring.

At His Fingertips - Sheppard's in trouble, Ronon is there for him.

How Not to Cope - Build up a stockpile of food and suddenly you're a nutcase.

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