Jan. 7th, 2016

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Does anyone on my f'list watch The Librarians, and if you do are you reading fanfic for it? As usually my brain decided that it was time to get into this show... when there were only three episodes left. Yeah, thanks brain. Since I don't have access to Netflix I can't binge on past episodes so now I find myself turning to fanfic.

thing is, I'm kind of nervous to do so. the Librarians is such a fun, fluffy, wonderfully ridiculous show with such adorable characters and fanfic si... well... fanfic. I love it, but. let's be honest, sifting through fic in a new fandom can be scary. Doubly so when it comes to fluff shows like the Librarian. I am seriously nervous about doing a fic hunt and stumbling across some summary with the words "prostate exam" in it, for example (it's happened before...ergh).

What I'm looking for is fic that embraces the show. No harcore whump, no heavy angst or drama, No AUs, no one character being a jerk to another character, no character bashing, no R-rated trying-to-be-gritty-and-dark stuff, and definitely no pairings that go beyond what the show has. Just fluff, friendship, adventure, maybe a little whump but nothing major. In other words, pure gen canon. If anyone could point me to such fic, it would be greatly appreciated.


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