Mar. 28th, 2016

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So not only has my goal of doing more art gone incredibly well - actually I've never had a goal that was so thoroughly met - I think I may now be addicted to doing digital art, as can be attested to by my DeviantArt page, which was mostly silent up until the last couple of months.

As I mentioned in a previous post, what I've really been digging about digital art is the control it gives you. As much as I love being creative and doing artistic things, art sometimes has this way of sort of, kind of... making me really angry. I love sculpting, but once I'm done with a piece I usually have to take a long break because sculpting can get incredibly frustrating, especially when certain aspects of it refuse to cooperate. I love drawing, but there are certain details, poses, shapes, and shadings that my brain can't seem to wrap itself around, so that, too, often leaves me frustrated (although not as bad as sculpting) and my efforts are often more miss than hit. Watercolor has been awesome because I find it easier to fix mistakes, but the way it sometimes seems to try and do it's own thing drives me up the wall. And I think I may have given up on colored pencils all together.

But digital art has not only been the least frustrating, I also find it rather relaxing. More than that, though, the end product always leaves me so flipping happy, because not only do I accomplish what I set out to do, the end product actually turns out better than I had imagined. The only setback, and it is a minor one, is that my style is mostly cartoony, so using it as a means to create book cover images is going to be limited. But as a means for creating concept art for my stories, it's awesome.

(WEll, okay, there is another setback that bugs me. I have to hand-draw the images first and scan them in, which would be fine, but it usually means having to draw images of a certain size in order for the scanner to get the whole image, and that means having to draw things smaller than I would like, which makes them hard to see when I zoom in).

I'd still like to get into the figurine-making business with my sculpting, but I need to find a style that's both nice looking but easy enough to make so that sculpting it doesn't make me want to ball it up and throw it against the wall.


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