Apr. 14th, 2016

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And I know this because it keeps giving me the weirdest ailments that leave even doctors scratching their heads.

For the past couple of months, starting in November, I'd been putting up with a sore tongue. The soreness stayed specifically on the tip of my tongue though it would sometimes spread a little. At first, I thought it was because of dry mouth, then I thought it was an infected taste bud, then I thought it was food allergies. I tried salt water rinses, honey rinses, and, finally, peroxide. Sometimes all these treatments did was lessen the discomfort. Sometimes the discomfort would go away for a while only to come back.

I'm the kind of person who will try to treat something myself, and if no treatment works or if things just keep getting worse then I'll go see a doctor. Mostly because, at the time, I didn't have insurance or a doctor. Now I do and was finally able to go see one. And... they were left scratching their heads. They believe I have something called burning mouth syndrome, an ailment that can come out of nowhere and, unfortunately, go nowhere. I'd been able to keep it under control with a nightly peroxide rinse, but they're going to put me on a treatment that's supposed to help with the burning. I'm also being referred to a throat, nose, ear specialist for more opinions.

My body is always doing this to me, I swear. Before the tongue thing there was the infection in which the antibiotics for it left me dependent on probiotics. Before that was a rhythmic pain in the back of my skull that had to rhyme or reason to it, then one day just went away and never came back.

Here's an idea, body - how about a year where you don't stick me with something odd. Think that's too much to ask?


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