Apr. 28th, 2016

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How long would you say it sometimes takes you to plan out a story? Or how long do you usually like to take to plan a story?

I ask because I have this story idea that I have just been whipping through the planning stages like crazy. So, I think it may three or four part story. I began plotting it sometime last week. I've already got the gist of the entire plot planned out for all three/four books, the world building's done, I have the characters figured out, and pretty much all that's left is to outline book one and gice the characters their names. Plus some research. In other words, this sucker is pretty much ready to go, and I want to write it.

But it's usually my MO when it comes to a new story idea to let it sit in my head for a year, even if it's been pretty fleshed out, to see flesh it out even more, and also to see if I end up coming up with an idea that's even better (which happens often). I've had some bad experiences with story ideas that I jumped onto too soon, so it's made me rather wary about pinning this one on my "next story to write" list.

And yet, out of all the stories I've been planning... this one's the only one that I want to write that's anywhere near ready to go. Everything else I either don't want to write yet or isn't ready.

I do plan on making this story my next story to be written. I'm mostly asking the question in order to help me feel better about jumping on a new idea so soon, because I'm really not used to working that way. But considering how long I usually take to plan a story and how finicky I'm being about what to write next, I think it may be time I change a few of the ways I do things.


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