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Okay, last post deleted because I actually went and did research beyond merely looking at Etsy and Ebay's selling policy. I don't know why I didn't do that sooner. I blame being distracted by putting a new website together. But it looks like I'll be going with Etsy.

Now I''m dithering over whether or not to get rid of my author website on Weebly and do a whole new one on Wix. Because holy cow does WIX have some nice designs. Plus it was a lot easier to use... even if it did slow my laptop down. The only thing I don't like is how the ste handles pages and page transitions, because at least with Weebly you could make each page a little more unique than you can with Wix. Or maybe the issue with Wix is the template I'm using, I don't know. I think I'll just go ahead and design and author website there just to see what it'll be like.

Okay, so, changed my website. Here it is if anyone wants to look at it - I am so much happier with it. It actually feels like a fantasy author's website. And while editing it creates a maddening amount of lag it's still easier to work with than Weebly. Now if only a certain story of mine was ready to get published instead of languishing in pathetically slow edits, then I could have another book to add and another page. Why is this book taking so long to edit! Why!
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I really had no idea it would come to this. This is what I get for telling myself what I can and can't do. But I've now completed my first two dolls that I plan to put up on Etsy once I have an account, and you guys get a sneak peek.

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This one is my new favorite X Men movie after First Class and the first X Men movie. Dang you, Michael Fassbender, getting my feels all going like that. I can't wait to see him in Assassin's Creed. I never even played Assassin's Creed, I just want to see Michael play an assassin. In the previews alone he looks smokin' hot...

Have I told you how much I like Michael Fassbender?

Seriously, though, there are very few third installments of a franchise that I like, but Apocolypse is now one of them. Enjoyed the heck out of it.
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Okay, so what I said on this post about forget making dolls? Apparently my muse took it as a challenge and had me make this...Look what I made that I said I wouldn't make! )


May. 12th, 2016 09:38 pm
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Heh, me again! ^^; Seems I have a craving for some gen Bucky H/C and Steve being all protective of him. Anyone know some good fic like that?
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So a while back I had a dream about a non-existent Aline-esque sci-fi movie starring Sebastian Stan and now I totally want to write it. Except I have a ton of stuff I am doing and that I need to be doing and don't have time to write right now. I also think it may not be long enough to make it worth publishing as a book.

Thanks a lot Captain America!

(The dream also included a sequel in which Sebastion's character dies. But I ain't having any of that).
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Enjoyable, though it may be my least favorite of the Marvel movies, which is a pity since I really like Cap. It did increase my love for Antman, though. That guy is ridiculously adorable. I'm also looking forward to the Black Panther movie. I really like that guy.

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So, a problem with wanting to make things to sell is needing to get ideas of what to make, and needing ideas on what to make means looking around at things other people have made for inspiration. And since I've been browsing DeviantArt for ideas, and DeviantArt likes to suggest similar things I would be interested in looking at based on what I'm currently looking at, I have been plagued with the need to make all the things! Figurines and dolls and puppets and just... gah! No, brain, no. What I'm doing is fine.

Here's just a few things I've been coming across that have sent my muses into a mouth-foaming frenzy of ideas.

*Sobs!* Dang it, muses, I can't do all the things most especially on this level just stick with what I know gaaaaah! And forget making dolls because I hate sewing and I'm terrible at it! This is what I really don't like about being artistic - the desire to do it all because it all looks so awesome.

Really, though, what would make me happy at least is being able to do more details on my sculptures. I see these dragon sculptures with scales and fine designs, but whenever I try to do it I end up with a mess. The problem is the warmer Polymer clay gets the stickier it gets until it's practically goo. But firm Sculpey is a little too firm and hard to work with. However, I was reading a sculpting tutorial and one thing the author did was mix regular Scupley with firm Sculpey, making it easy to work with but able to do fine details on, so I may try that.

But other than that, I'm going to stick with sculpting things to go on the front of altered books, books people can use as photo albums or diaries. I'm actually happy with what I sculpt, I'd just like to be able to do more and make my scuptures a bit more unique. I may also branch out into figurines once I get a better handle
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How long would you say it sometimes takes you to plan out a story? Or how long do you usually like to take to plan a story?

I ask because I have this story idea that I have just been whipping through the planning stages like crazy. So, I think it may three or four part story. I began plotting it sometime last week. I've already got the gist of the entire plot planned out for all three/four books, the world building's done, I have the characters figured out, and pretty much all that's left is to outline book one and gice the characters their names. Plus some research. In other words, this sucker is pretty much ready to go, and I want to write it.

But it's usually my MO when it comes to a new story idea to let it sit in my head for a year, even if it's been pretty fleshed out, to see flesh it out even more, and also to see if I end up coming up with an idea that's even better (which happens often). I've had some bad experiences with story ideas that I jumped onto too soon, so it's made me rather wary about pinning this one on my "next story to write" list.

And yet, out of all the stories I've been planning... this one's the only one that I want to write that's anywhere near ready to go. Everything else I either don't want to write yet or isn't ready.

I do plan on making this story my next story to be written. I'm mostly asking the question in order to help me feel better about jumping on a new idea so soon, because I'm really not used to working that way. But considering how long I usually take to plan a story and how finicky I'm being about what to write next, I think it may be time I change a few of the ways I do things.
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And I know this because it keeps giving me the weirdest ailments that leave even doctors scratching their heads.

For the past couple of months, starting in November, I'd been putting up with a sore tongue. The soreness stayed specifically on the tip of my tongue though it would sometimes spread a little. At first, I thought it was because of dry mouth, then I thought it was an infected taste bud, then I thought it was food allergies. I tried salt water rinses, honey rinses, and, finally, peroxide. Sometimes all these treatments did was lessen the discomfort. Sometimes the discomfort would go away for a while only to come back.

I'm the kind of person who will try to treat something myself, and if no treatment works or if things just keep getting worse then I'll go see a doctor. Mostly because, at the time, I didn't have insurance or a doctor. Now I do and was finally able to go see one. And... they were left scratching their heads. They believe I have something called burning mouth syndrome, an ailment that can come out of nowhere and, unfortunately, go nowhere. I'd been able to keep it under control with a nightly peroxide rinse, but they're going to put me on a treatment that's supposed to help with the burning. I'm also being referred to a throat, nose, ear specialist for more opinions.

My body is always doing this to me, I swear. Before the tongue thing there was the infection in which the antibiotics for it left me dependent on probiotics. Before that was a rhythmic pain in the back of my skull that had to rhyme or reason to it, then one day just went away and never came back.

Here's an idea, body - how about a year where you don't stick me with something odd. Think that's too much to ask?
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So not only has my goal of doing more art gone incredibly well - actually I've never had a goal that was so thoroughly met - I think I may now be addicted to doing digital art, as can be attested to by my DeviantArt page, which was mostly silent up until the last couple of months.

As I mentioned in a previous post, what I've really been digging about digital art is the control it gives you. As much as I love being creative and doing artistic things, art sometimes has this way of sort of, kind of... making me really angry. I love sculpting, but once I'm done with a piece I usually have to take a long break because sculpting can get incredibly frustrating, especially when certain aspects of it refuse to cooperate. I love drawing, but there are certain details, poses, shapes, and shadings that my brain can't seem to wrap itself around, so that, too, often leaves me frustrated (although not as bad as sculpting) and my efforts are often more miss than hit. Watercolor has been awesome because I find it easier to fix mistakes, but the way it sometimes seems to try and do it's own thing drives me up the wall. And I think I may have given up on colored pencils all together.

But digital art has not only been the least frustrating, I also find it rather relaxing. More than that, though, the end product always leaves me so flipping happy, because not only do I accomplish what I set out to do, the end product actually turns out better than I had imagined. The only setback, and it is a minor one, is that my style is mostly cartoony, so using it as a means to create book cover images is going to be limited. But as a means for creating concept art for my stories, it's awesome.

(WEll, okay, there is another setback that bugs me. I have to hand-draw the images first and scan them in, which would be fine, but it usually means having to draw images of a certain size in order for the scanner to get the whole image, and that means having to draw things smaller than I would like, which makes them hard to see when I zoom in).

I'd still like to get into the figurine-making business with my sculpting, but I need to find a style that's both nice looking but easy enough to make so that sculpting it doesn't make me want to ball it up and throw it against the wall.
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So I was finally, finally able to watch all episodes of The Librarians. I think one of the reasons I wasn't able to bring myself to watch this show is because I wasn't a big fan of The Librarian movies back when it was just Flynn. I felt they were a little too campy in a way that just didn't work for me. The Librarians, on the other hand, is aboslutely ridiculous, but it's like it knows that it's absolutely ridiculous, and so embraces it whole heartedly in a way that does work for me and works beautifully. I love that this show is silly but it has fun with its silliness. And yet at the same time it'll have these wonderfully serious moments that actually kick you right in the feels, moments you think shouldn't work in such a silly show but do.

It also helps that all the characters are loveable. Yeah, they're charicatures of a certain "type" but the actors do such a great job at playing them that it's never cringeworthy or eye-rolling. This show also has some great world-building going on. For example, it's not just "here's some magic to explain things" nor is it "magic should not be used because we say so". There's rules and consequences to magic, as well as all these nifty little quirkes (like fictional characters not only coming to life but some of them leading normal, everyday lives). I also have to give this show kudos for its continuity. Usually shows like this don't give a fig about continuity, but this one does.

Of course, as per usual with me, I ended up prefering the character who's yet to have a back story and gets little to no whump. My hope is that next season will give us an Ezekiel backstory and a good one, but past experience has made me nervous when it comes to delayed back stories (SGA, Andromeda, I'm looking at you). Plus some shows have a bad habit of playing most favorite and least favorite when it comes to their characters, and if Ezekiel is the least favorite then... ugh. However, he got a really awesome episode second season, which makes me hopeful. Plus this show has, in my opinion, been pretty nice to his character. They could have easily made him the screw-up whose story arc is all about fixing his own mistakes, but instead they've been painting him as the reluctant hero who cares a lot more than he lets on, which is very promsiing.
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This has not been a good year for our dogs thus far. First there was Ginger's back, now our Chihuahua, Gibbs, had a little accident and injured his eye. He has to spend three weeks with his injured eye sewn shut while wearing the cone of shame and remain cooped up in the bedroom because he can't be active. And there's a chance that his eye may be removed if it doesn't heal right. And here I'd thought Ginger had it hard :P
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I've been meaning to share this. I could totally watch an entire movie done in this style.

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So in my quest to create cover art andfigure out how to use Gimp, I came up with a new cover design for my next book and I would really love some feedback. For example, should the background be darker, ligher, should the image be darker or ligher? Which is better, the one without the shine or the one with the shine? That kind of thing (and ignore the dragon's tongue. I'll render that better when I design the final image). Input would be much appreciated.Images under the cut... )
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My firs foray into digital art. I mostly did it as an experiment, so it's kind of rushed and nothing spectacular, but I feel it came out better than I was expecting. While making this was rather fiddly (I used GIMP) I really like the control painting digitially gives you. Fixing mistakes is so much easier.
Blue Dragon
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Feels like ages since I posted anything.

First off, poor Ginger hurt her back and is on bed rest. Unfortunately bed rest does not compute to her little doggy mind and because she's on pain medication, all she wants to do is run around. But she can't for two to three weeks, so I have to keep her penned up in my room. Except she's quite the escape artist when she wants to be. We also have foster kittens, who she wants to play with constantly, and whines when she can't because they hopped out of the blockade I set up to keep Ginger in my room, which she escapes whenever I leave. Two to three weeks of this. Fun times! :P

I've also decided that I'm going to make a goal to draw more. I've been trying to figure out ways to bring more attention to my author blog, and from what I've observed, it's my really, really short stories and artwork I post that get the most views and even likes. So I want to start doing more concept art for upcoming novels, which means I need to hone my art skills.

Plus I've heard it said time and again that when it comes to advertising yourself you need to do whatever will draw in your target audience. My main target audience are fantasy readers, but other than the obvious writing fantasy novels and getting them published - which takes time - and writing short stories - which also takes time, probably even more so than writing a novel since I'm not a fan of writing short stories - I could never figure out what else to do to help draw in fantasy readers. Talk about fantasy stuff, I suppose, but I've yet to come up with a specific topic that isn't gear more toward writers than readers.

But lately I've been feeling like art is the way to go, and not just because of the veiws on my art posts. I don't know if this is the same for most people who read fantasy, but every time I come across a peice of fantasy art based on or made for a particular fantasy book, it's made me curious about that book. Not that it made me rush out and buy the book, but I did add it to my mental "book to look into" list. My art won't be anything spectacular, but if it draws in the curious looking for something to read, all the better.
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Does anyone on my f'list watch The Librarians, and if you do are you reading fanfic for it? As usually my brain decided that it was time to get into this show... when there were only three episodes left. Yeah, thanks brain. Since I don't have access to Netflix I can't binge on past episodes so now I find myself turning to fanfic.

thing is, I'm kind of nervous to do so. the Librarians is such a fun, fluffy, wonderfully ridiculous show with such adorable characters and fanfic si... well... fanfic. I love it, but. let's be honest, sifting through fic in a new fandom can be scary. Doubly so when it comes to fluff shows like the Librarian. I am seriously nervous about doing a fic hunt and stumbling across some summary with the words "prostate exam" in it, for example (it's happened before...ergh).

What I'm looking for is fic that embraces the show. No harcore whump, no heavy angst or drama, No AUs, no one character being a jerk to another character, no character bashing, no R-rated trying-to-be-gritty-and-dark stuff, and definitely no pairings that go beyond what the show has. Just fluff, friendship, adventure, maybe a little whump but nothing major. In other words, pure gen canon. If anyone could point me to such fic, it would be greatly appreciated.
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So we finally had to put down Poof today - the feral cat who was having breathing problems. She was having difficulty breathing this morning, but no amount of allergy medication would help and she just kept getting worse. She was a fighter about it, hanging on the entire day until the vet was able to arrive. The vet thinks the problem was a tumor pressing on everything so, yeah, this was for the best. Even though it sucks because stuff like this always sucks. We'll be burying her on my mom's land where we bury all our pets who passed. At least she died warm and as comfortable as we could make her.

ETA: Actually we decided to bury her in the backyard. I mean, I know it probably shouldn't matter, but it feels right since this is where she was born and her mom and grandma are here.


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