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I really had no idea it would come to this. This is what I get for telling myself what I can and can't do. But I've now completed my first two dolls that I plan to put up on Etsy once I have an account, and you guys get a sneak peek.

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Okay, so what I said on this post about forget making dolls? Apparently my muse took it as a challenge and had me make this...Look what I made that I said I wouldn't make! )
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So, a problem with wanting to make things to sell is needing to get ideas of what to make, and needing ideas on what to make means looking around at things other people have made for inspiration. And since I've been browsing DeviantArt for ideas, and DeviantArt likes to suggest similar things I would be interested in looking at based on what I'm currently looking at, I have been plagued with the need to make all the things! Figurines and dolls and puppets and just... gah! No, brain, no. What I'm doing is fine.

Here's just a few things I've been coming across that have sent my muses into a mouth-foaming frenzy of ideas.

*Sobs!* Dang it, muses, I can't do all the things most especially on this level just stick with what I know gaaaaah! And forget making dolls because I hate sewing and I'm terrible at it! This is what I really don't like about being artistic - the desire to do it all because it all looks so awesome.

Really, though, what would make me happy at least is being able to do more details on my sculptures. I see these dragon sculptures with scales and fine designs, but whenever I try to do it I end up with a mess. The problem is the warmer Polymer clay gets the stickier it gets until it's practically goo. But firm Sculpey is a little too firm and hard to work with. However, I was reading a sculpting tutorial and one thing the author did was mix regular Scupley with firm Sculpey, making it easy to work with but able to do fine details on, so I may try that.

But other than that, I'm going to stick with sculpting things to go on the front of altered books, books people can use as photo albums or diaries. I'm actually happy with what I sculpt, I'd just like to be able to do more and make my scuptures a bit more unique. I may also branch out into figurines once I get a better handle
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So not only has my goal of doing more art gone incredibly well - actually I've never had a goal that was so thoroughly met - I think I may now be addicted to doing digital art, as can be attested to by my DeviantArt page, which was mostly silent up until the last couple of months.

As I mentioned in a previous post, what I've really been digging about digital art is the control it gives you. As much as I love being creative and doing artistic things, art sometimes has this way of sort of, kind of... making me really angry. I love sculpting, but once I'm done with a piece I usually have to take a long break because sculpting can get incredibly frustrating, especially when certain aspects of it refuse to cooperate. I love drawing, but there are certain details, poses, shapes, and shadings that my brain can't seem to wrap itself around, so that, too, often leaves me frustrated (although not as bad as sculpting) and my efforts are often more miss than hit. Watercolor has been awesome because I find it easier to fix mistakes, but the way it sometimes seems to try and do it's own thing drives me up the wall. And I think I may have given up on colored pencils all together.

But digital art has not only been the least frustrating, I also find it rather relaxing. More than that, though, the end product always leaves me so flipping happy, because not only do I accomplish what I set out to do, the end product actually turns out better than I had imagined. The only setback, and it is a minor one, is that my style is mostly cartoony, so using it as a means to create book cover images is going to be limited. But as a means for creating concept art for my stories, it's awesome.

(WEll, okay, there is another setback that bugs me. I have to hand-draw the images first and scan them in, which would be fine, but it usually means having to draw images of a certain size in order for the scanner to get the whole image, and that means having to draw things smaller than I would like, which makes them hard to see when I zoom in).

I'd still like to get into the figurine-making business with my sculpting, but I need to find a style that's both nice looking but easy enough to make so that sculpting it doesn't make me want to ball it up and throw it against the wall.
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So with my next novel possibly nearing completion (depending on how much there is to fix), I've been experimenting with some book cover designs and I'd love to get some opinions on them. If you were purusing books, which cover would catch your attention? These are far from done, of course, I just need to know what works and what doesn't.

ETA: And please feel more than free to offer up critiques and advice. I need to make the best cover I can (without spending money I don't have).
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So for my next sculpting project I really, really want to do a sea-serpent - something kind of sea-horse and dragon-esque. I have an idea of what I want to do but I can't decide on the coloring.

I'm thinking about doing something like a lion fish, which would be cool, but I would really, really love to do something with a lot more color in it. Maybe something like this.

tropical fish blue and copper

Or maybe it would be possible to combine the two? Either way, I want something that really stands out visually. I've been researching tropical fish, but if anyone knows of any fish with some really interesting or awesome colors let me know.
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Haku 3
Hakus 6

I think what amazes me most isn't so much that I managed to sculpt this but that it actually came out how I had pictured it in my head. I think sculpting may become my art medium of choice. While I do love to draw, I'm kind of limited in terms of poses, in that I can only do profiles and my brain has a tendency to trip over itself when it comes to shading and trying to make things more three dimensional. But clay is all dimensional, and I was seriously surprised how easy this was to sculpt. It was like I didn't even have to think about it, I just did it, and the only setback was my sometimes unsteady hands, clay that had gotten a little too soft and stubborn wire.

For my next project I plan on doing either the wishing tree from The Night Circus or something from one of my own stories, or possibly Jack Skelington from Nightmare Before Christmas.


May. 7th, 2014 07:59 pm
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The results of my foray back into sculpting. Not only did it come out how I imagined it, it didn't crack, yay! I've always had such bad luck with clay, but I find it an easier medium than drawing since I can view it from all angles and adjust accordingly, while with drawing I'm rather limited to profile views since my brain can't seem to handle anything else :/
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Based loosely on the Windriders from my book, The Toymaker. I find made up creatures easier to sculpt than actual creatures. Made from Sculpey Clay.
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So I spent the entire day yesterday sculpting this really awesome piece using air dry clay, so certain that I managed to prevent the thing from cracking when it dries, only to wake up this morning to find the whole thing cracked beyond being any kind of salvageable.

I researched the matter to see what I did wrong but be that as it may, I'm done with the air-dry stuff. If it isn't the entire piece drying unevenly then it's racing against time trying to get things done before all the little bits dry out, and having to remember every so often to re-wet the clay (which doesn't really happen when you get super focused). Yeah, I'm done. I do know there are ways of keeping your sculpture from drying out but they sound like too much of a hassle (especially since my work area is rather small). I'm giving Sculpey a second chance (I was never a fan because of how soft it was, but there's firm brands as well).

All that said, I actually think I like sculpting better than drawing. The thing about drawing is that there are certain things my brain can't seem to compute, which is why a lot of my drawings are always in profile and why drawing eyes drive me crazy. But sculpting is 3-D and provides a full 360 degree view, and while the smaller details can be a bit tricky with the way my hands sometime shake, those details are much easier for my brain to wrap around. I was incredibly pleased with the sculpture I made last night... and now it's broken. But, hey, I learned a lot and know what I can do to make the piece even better.

Just not with air dry clay :P
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So I broke down and purchased the service from Createspace in which a team of people more computer savvy than me format my book for Kindle, which means the book will be available for Kindle, soon, and I'm quite chuffed about it. The whole reason I'd given self-publishing a second chance was to have my book available electronically since that's the direction many readers are going. But since the formatting directions were about as clear as ancient Greek, I decided to play it safe and purchase the formatting service (which is much cheaper than all the other services, only around 79.00, and worth it since it'll mean a wider range of availability for my book).

I also finished the first of my character figurines for my promotional give away I'm planning.

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For [ profile] merlin_holidays. The prompts I chose were birds of prey and cats.

 photo Merlinwings.jpg

Merlin and Cat photo MerlinandCat.jpg
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I'm quite pleased with this one, most especially the pose and expression as my dragons are usually stiff and blah.

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Something I did for the Splice art contest over on DeviantArt (sponsored by the actual movie Splice). I didn't win, nor did I get into the top twenty-five. I'm kind of kicking myself that I didn't include someone riding this thing as that was my original idea, but the picture went a different direction and I got lazy and let it.

Part iguana, dragon fly and horse.

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I set aside the whining and drew this little ditty...

the Nightmare )

Which actually turned out how I pictured it a lot more than most of my pictures. I'm quite happy with it (though the wings I'm not sure about). I seem to be going through some kind of "dark" phase, since everything I want to draw seems to lean toward being creepy. I just finished drawing my own rendition of a horsefly which I can't post since it's for a contest, but it disturbed even me :/ (I'm not bragging, it really did.)

This has also been posted on but I'm pretty much getting no love over there except for the occasional fave. Which actually doesn't bother me as I've come across art that's blow-you-out-of-the-water good with not a single comment to show for it. Still, it can be a tad frustrating at times.


Apr. 29th, 2010 12:49 am
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[ profile] syble4 drew me another awesome Corvax from my Big Bang story A Wing and a Prayer :D

A big hug and a thanks to her for the lovely :D
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I'm trying to make it a habit to doodle and draw in my spare time, namely when I'm watching TV, and managed to finish a project that has been sitting in my sketchbook for a while. I hope to upload a clearer picture once I can get the scanner working, but for now had to rely on using my camera. Click on the picture for a larger, more detailed view.

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Artwork by ColtD for my story Eyes Wide Open. It fits the story perfect. Warnings: emaciation.
The Fall )

Dragon Who

Nov. 28th, 2008 10:18 pm
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First sheppard, then McKay. Now, I have spread the madness into another fanomd. Mwhahahahahaha! Oi, I suck at lettering :/ (Click the picture for a full view.)

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Oh, and don't forget to donate a click or two - preferably two. In a fit of curiosity, I got another egg. I just really liked the color :D

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!


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