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This is part of a little AU I slapped together for [personal profile] pentapus's ficlet challenge. And I mean slapped together on the spot. But the concept continued to intrigue me and since then I've expanded it. I have a larger story in mind, but seeing as how I have enough stories as is, I'm going to be writing it snippets at a time that I will eventually peice together into a larger fic. 

So as not to have to deal with the piddly little details in the snippets, here's what you need to know (which will be expanded on later).

The Atlantis expedition is an Atlantis colony. The entire Milky Way has been colonized (not including already inhabited planets) so the colonization has moved on to Pegasus, but there's still plenty of exploring going on (which is the purpose of the colonies)

Everyone has a dragon. Either a single dragon all to themselves or a dragon beloning to their family. Dragons are either inherited or hatched from eggs to be passed down the generations. Most dragons can live to up to five human generations. No one knows how or when the Dragon/human bond formed.

There is still gate travel and an SGC.

The city of Atlantis is the capital of the planet of Atlantis (I refuse to call it Atlanatica). Dr. Weir is the govenor (govenor, I know, cheesy)

Instead of being sent to Antarctica, Sheppard was sent to Atlantis as part of the wing brigade protecting the swamp that divides the continent. He will eventually become part of the city's brigade.

This story is how that happens.



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