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Those of you who have read the few chapters of Black Dragon I posted (and even those who haven't if you feel so inclined) I'd like some help in whipping up some ideas for "episodes". I have ideas but right now they're rather scattered, and I would like a few more to create a long enough list to pick and choose from.

For example, I have one idea where the crew hunts down a group who see themselves as space pirates, another where they have to deal with a killer robot, and another where they search a derelict ship that contains a dangerous secret.

Yeah, I know, kind of generic sounding but that's just the gist. There's a lot more to each idea than that. What I need is, well, more generic ideas. Nothing dealing with the mystery of the Void (I already have that worked out) or each characters' past (also worked out), just the kind of stuff you might see on something like Firefly, Battle Star Galactica, Stargate, etc. Or if they made Aliens into a series (that would be so cool!) Um, yeah, anyways...

Is there something  you would have loved to see happen in the mentioned shows that I could use? Or just something you'd like to see happen in any show? I'd like to do a book that involves Jace, the main character, ending up in a situation where he's being tortured. I have kind of an idea but I'm open to suggestions on how it might come about.

I don't want to complete the story and definitely don't wan to publish until I have myself a nice long list. Because it would kind of suck to have the sotry published only to hit a writers block on what to have happen next in the crew's adventure.
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The Kriady dragon's head. I'll be doing the entire body later.

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chapter five is still in the throes of being written and edited, so will be posted in parts but not all at once. I didn't realize the chapter was going to end up as long as it's ending up.

All new readers please procedd to the prologue.



Jan. 1st, 2007 05:13 pm
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Ch.4pt.2 )

Ch.4 Pt.1

Jan. 1st, 2007 05:05 pm
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I apologize profusely for the long wait, but I'd been swamped with a ton of projects that had kind of put this one at the bottom of my to-do list. Plus that snag is still being persistant, so the next chapter may be some time in coming. I also want to take things slower in order to write several chapters ahead, thus enabling faster updates in the future.

Ch.4pt.1 )
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All new readers please proceed to the prologue.

Thanks to all those who are reading. Sorry this took so long but it was a doozy to write.

Just a couple of warnings. This chapter was pretty long so I divided it into two. Also, for future reference, if you see an entry titled Intermission, that means I have either written something that has nothing to do with the story, or I've written another story all together (Nothing too long and nothing that'll have me dropping Black Dragon.)

Okay, all that said, then awaaaay we go! And don't forget to leave a comment. I'd appreciate it.

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chpater 3 )

All new readers please proceed back to the prologue.

Thanks to everyone who's reading and enjoying. I'm trying to get to the exciting stuff but I don't want to rush things and make it seem hurried so please be patient.

This chapter - Decision making while sunbathing (don't judge it on the description, read first then judge).

Next chapter - we meet the crew of the Black Dragon and maybe the Black Dragon herself (so it's going to be a long chapter).

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Thanks be to all who've read. A little insight into our main man Jace that should answer a few questions in this chapter.

Also - to help keep things clear...

UTD - United Tactical Defense, with an Army division (ground forces) and AIr Force (where the pilots come from, and BP patrols).

BP - Border Patrol. Patrols assigned certain sectors - or quadrants - of the Milky Way to seek out any potential invading Mureks.

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Synopsis - The crew of the Recon ship Black Dragon have been assigned to safe-gaurd the most dangerous sector of space. Known as the Void, this quadrant as become the Bermuda Triangle of the Galaxy, where ships have been known to vanish and something's going on that neither sience nor sanity can explain. Not only must the crew protect the Void from the dangerous renegades known as the Mureks, they must also safegaurd themselves from the strange effects of the Void, effects that will begin to test their resolve, along with their sanity.

What I am writing is book one of a series and a WIP (work in progress). I know many usually don't like WIPs, and I don't blame them. So please be patient with updates as I will get them out when I can. I really need to learn to write a story first and post it later.

Author's Note - All right, that synopsis is way better than the one in my bio. Oh well. I please ask all those who read to also review, even if it's just a 'that was good' or 'Eh, it was okay' to let me know that people are indeed reading. I will stomach criticism (unless your going to be nasty about it) and would appreciate critiques, even spelling and grammer errors as long as you point them out. Do not simply say there's spelling and grammer errors, I need specifics. I would also appreciate (though this isn't a must) in depth critiques of character and plot. Be open, be daring, I don't mind. Such discussions are helpful in furthering and maintaining the plot and chapters, as well as ironing out inconsistencies.

Seriously, don't be afraid to point something out, whether it was something you found intriguing or something you had a problem with. I have a story in the throes of being publsihed, and it was only after all my hard work that people started pointing things out I could have easily changed. I may end up publsihing this story and it would be nice to have it all straightened out before I do.

One more tid-bit. For all you Stargate Atlantis fans, I based the main character Jace off of John Sheppard/Joe F. I do that all the time. If you're an Andromeda/Harper fan, I've got a story with a character based on Harper (except not quite as girl crazy) Not published or written yet, just plotted out.

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