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In a moment of boredom, I decided to try something wierd. Maybe it's been done before, maybe it hasn't, I don't know. Either way, I'm doing this and I ask (actually, beg) you to participate. Not that you have to... just ignore Sheppard threatening you with a gun.

SGA Story Chainletter

1.So here's how it goes. A story has been started but not completed. You, the reader, if you wish, copy this tid-bit of story, paste it onto your journal, and add to it along with these directions.
2.Please let the one who you snurched the story from know that you snurched.
3.Add the name of the one you snurched the story from at the beggining of the story so that it can be back-traced.
4.If you do not like where the direction of the story is going, you can back-trace and pick up the story elsewhere.
5.Please keep the story as canon, gen, and PG as possible. No pariings of any kind, no altering a character (making them gay, turning a man into a woman or woman into a man unless they can be changed back). No sex and no heavy, explicit whump (Tied up and whipped with few details - okay. Tied up, whipped, skinned, gutted, etc with lots of gory details - not okay. The less gross the better.) No Alternate Universes unless it starts at canon and can end up back at canon. You never know who may snurch, how old they are, etc. and no one should have to get into any trouble for participating. Also, some people don't like certain genres, and may not participate if they think the story is based around a certain genre.
6. Don't make your add-on tid-bit too long. 100 to 200 words round about. It doesn't have to be exact, can be more or less, but it shouldn't reach a thousand words. Use your best judgement as this thing is going to get longer for the next one who  adds-on
7. If you have an ending in mind, go ahead and write it.
8.You will not be cursed, haunted, plagued by bad-luck, etc. if you do not participate. This is strictly for fun and to see just how crazy plot bunnies can be.


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My gosh I hate slash. I've been scrounging around for some good Sheppard torture, H/C stuff lately - stuff that isn't easy to find because it isn't located at a site like or Wraithbait. I've even sent out requests for such fics. But all I can find that I haven't read already is slash, slash, slash (or Rodney centered stuff but we won't go there). Now, if you read or write slash, I'm not trying to dis you or anything. I neither read nor write slash, so get frustrated when I stumble on a story that looks good, only to have it end up being slash. I have a bit of tolerance for pre-slash because sometimes the writer leaves it up to interpretation, and many of such stories can be just as easily seen as a freindship piece. But straight up slash - no. Same with Romance. Both genres tend to involve very explicit scenes either involving make-out sessions or sex scenes, and I don't go for that.

It's getting kind of depressing. I've read everything there is to read John, non-slash or romance related in pretty much every SGA fanfic site I could find, and now - barring WIPs - I have run out. I'm also pretty sure I'm not alone in the boat on this one either.

So if any who read this don't mind, I'm issuing a bit of a challenge. I'd put this in the Sheppard H/C community but it felt a bit presumptuous and I don't know if I have to ask permission or what, so am playing it safe and posting it here. If anyone knows if it's okay to post this challenge in Sheppard H/C, please let me know.

Challenge - A John centered torture fic. Lots of physcial and mental abuse. Preferably a slave fic involving no slash and/or rape (though attempted rape is fine as long as it's nothing explicit - Example; his shirt was removed but not his pants before something interrupted what was about to happen.) Romance is fine as long as there are no explicit sex scenes. There's no deadline, so feel free to take up and post where ever and whenever you want. I'm not the only non-slasher out there, so this challenge isn't just for me. It can be a one shot or chapter fic.

I'm writing a slave fic myself, but it's on hiatus until I work out some problems with it. I'm tempted to scrap it and try a different approach, but refuse to give up on it. Slave fics are an interesting concept with lots of angst potential, but they don't have to all be slash.

Please do not burn me for this. Like I said, I'm not the only non-slasher out there in need of some goos non-slash Shep whumping.


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