May. 12th, 2016 09:38 pm
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Heh, me again! ^^; Seems I have a craving for some gen Bucky H/C and Steve being all protective of him. Anyone know some good fic like that?
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Does anyone on my f'list watch The Librarians, and if you do are you reading fanfic for it? As usually my brain decided that it was time to get into this show... when there were only three episodes left. Yeah, thanks brain. Since I don't have access to Netflix I can't binge on past episodes so now I find myself turning to fanfic.

thing is, I'm kind of nervous to do so. the Librarians is such a fun, fluffy, wonderfully ridiculous show with such adorable characters and fanfic si... well... fanfic. I love it, but. let's be honest, sifting through fic in a new fandom can be scary. Doubly so when it comes to fluff shows like the Librarian. I am seriously nervous about doing a fic hunt and stumbling across some summary with the words "prostate exam" in it, for example (it's happened before...ergh).

What I'm looking for is fic that embraces the show. No harcore whump, no heavy angst or drama, No AUs, no one character being a jerk to another character, no character bashing, no R-rated trying-to-be-gritty-and-dark stuff, and definitely no pairings that go beyond what the show has. Just fluff, friendship, adventure, maybe a little whump but nothing major. In other words, pure gen canon. If anyone could point me to such fic, it would be greatly appreciated.
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I don't know if there's anyone on my f'list who reads or still reads MErlin fic, but if you do and if you haven't already, you need to read this one.

The Prince and the Idiot - "Idiot, idiot, idiot", are chanting children in the muddy street. Arthur stops, a bit dazzled. He brings his hand to his forehead to shield his eyes and his heart aches watching their dancing figures in the steaming light. They hop in circles around a tall, skinny boy with large ears, who spins on himself to smile at them ...

It's an AU of the show in which there's no magic and Merlin has a bit of a learning disorder. It manages to capture both the essence of the show and the legend in a way that works and works wonderfully. It also has to be the be the most gorgeous Merlin fc I have ever read. The author isn't a native english speaker and it is obvious, but they still manage to have a way with words that is absolutely beautiful. This story nearly brought me to tears more than once, which is really not an easy thing to do (I have this thing where I really hate crying over fictional stuff). So if anyone on my f'list reads Merlin, you need to read this one. It's long, but it's really worth it (but bring lots of tissues).
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Title: Because Someone Has to
Rating: G
Characters: Arthur, Merlin
Summary: Merlin is sick and Arthur goes to check on him... and not because he's worried, of course. Sick!Merlin, pretending-not-to-care-and-failing-miserably!Arthur. Friendship galore.

Because Someone Has To )
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Just spamming the heck out of my f'list with fic, today :D

Title: Measure of a Man
Rating: Pg
Characters: Merlin, Lancelot, Arthur, Gwaine, Percieval, Elyan. Leon had to stay behind and help Gwen run Camelot. Sorry :/
Warnings: mentions of off-screen violence.
Summary: "The measure of a man wasn't always revealed in the heart of battle. More often than not, Lancelot had come to realize, it was revealed in the tests you wouldn't have dreamed possible in a million years." Whumped and feral Merlin, protective knights, comfort fluff.

Measure of a Man )
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Title: The Cat's Meow
Rating: PG
Characters: Peter, Neal, Mozzie, Diana, Jones, a couple of cats
Summary: Peter and Neal's latest undercover assignment gets a little "hairy" - pun totally intended. Written for [ profile] love_82 for this Prompt at [ profile] collarcorner. Sorry it took so long. For such a simple plot it sure put up a fight.

The Cat's Meow )


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