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For those who volunteered to take part in the fic exchange, if you haven't started writing something, please don't. If you have that's cool. I will work with your ideas but I do not need a fic in exchange (unless, like I said, you've already started.) The reason why I'm doing this is because, though the fic exchange is a fun way to get more stories out there, I always feel obligated to write the fic and get it up as soon as possible, especially if the other person has their story up. In other words, I always fee like there's a deadline.

Right now I'm trying to work myself up into writing an original story that I plan on making the next to be published, and right now getting motivated is slow going. I kind of realized this after I posted the fic exchange, as well as realizing that "maybe I should cut back on writing Fanfic." Not completely, of course, just not as much as I usually write so I can get all WIPs (like Wayfarers and the Thoughtcrimes fic) out of the way.

So I apologize to those who volunteered for the fic exchange. If you have a fic written or partially written, finish it out and the exchange will go as planned. If you haven't written anything yet, again, don't. I will use your idea but this way I don't feel like I need to hurry and get it up. (I forgot to say the other reason why I feel this way is because if I don't plan and write the story as soon as possible, I lose motivation to write it.)
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Believe it or not I'm doing this because I'm in dire need of an idea for some Shep-whump. I'm working on the next chapter for Wayfarers and am half-way through, but I've been having trouble with it and the lack of Shep getting whumped in it doesn't help (he doesn't get whumped until next chapter). I've been trying to come up with a few Shep-whump one-shots but I can never get an ending for them. Either that or they end up not being a one-shot.

Anyways, someone give me an idea. Nothing vague such as "Shep being tortured." Give me some plots to work with, something rather unique if possible. In return, I'd like someone to do a tag to Irresistable that involves Sheppard having a negative reaction to being given the phermone. Maybe Sheppard is still taking medication for his cold and the phermone reacts to it. Or maybe it reacts to the cold virus itself, making Sheppard sicker or insane or something. There really aren't a lot of Irrisistable whumpy tags and there was such potential for them. I'd actually thought of one but couldn't figure out an ending.
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To all those who requested a story and haven't received said story, no worries as they are in the works. If anyone else wishes to make a request, feel free to do so. The laptop isn't here yet and I need to satisfy my writing crave.

Now I would like to make a request for anyone willing, who has the time, or is in need of a plot bunny. I'd like a story that involves Shep going hungry - starving or about to starve to death. Maybe he's lost and alone, or maybe it's a torture tactic (there was a story in which food was used to torture John so that when he was finally rescued, he was unable to eat. It was so sad!) It can be in chapters or a one-shot. I've been looking for a story beyond that involves a starving Shep but keep running into slash. I would love it if someone could write a starving Shep story (just with no slash or romance.) Pretty please? I'd be willing to do a special request story in return - special request being a more specific plot rather than a general idea. If you have a plot that's been driving you crazy, you like, but either don't want to write or can't do to RL or too many plots as is, then I'll write it for you.

If I can work with it. There are some ideas I won't touch with a ten foot pole: Romance and slash, obviously.  I also won't do appendectomy stories  or a plot that involves abdominal wounds.  I'm not too fond of abdominal wound fics, don't know why. Too many people obsessed with Sheppard's abdomen, I think. I prefer chest and/or back wounds myself but will damage legs, arms and head as well (my gosh I'm sick!).
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Parisindy, Obsessed101, your fic is in the house. I kind of combined both your ideas, hope you don't mind.

All other requests are still in the planning stage, so may be some time in coming. SheppyD, your plot idea keeps spawning multi-chapter fics that I can't decide between. Blast those intriguing ideas! They do inspire me so.
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I need some ideas for one-shot SGA (or even CSI:NY) stories. Anyone have any requests? Something they would like to see or read of? The reason I ask is that although I'm working on two fics right now - Wayfarers and a joint project with Drufan - I get the desire to write something different from what I'm currently writing now and then. Kind of like taking a break. Plus with the joint project I write every other chapter (the odds this time) so it's not like I'm constantly working on it (although it does take precedence). Wayfarers is an "at my leisure" fic as well as an experiment in planning a story out as I go, so it's not something I'm constantly working on. Most of the time I'm planning it out.

The thing is is that I'm hoping to get a laptop very soon and I don't want to start any bigger writing projects (original fics included) until I do. I'm not the only one who needs to use the computer at my house, but the desire and inspiration to write comes spordaically for me. Half the time, when I finally do get in the mood to write, someone else is either on the computer or needs it. It's very frustrating.

So until that times comes, except for the two previsouly mentioned projects, I'm holding off on writing anything big. I've been taking part in challenges and find that I enjoy them. I don't know what it is, but it seems easier to come up with and write stories based on prompts than it is coming up with my own ideas. My own ideas either become too complicated or too long (thus me always trying to give the ideas away to keep me fromt writing them). With the stuff I'm working on now, when I do get the desire to write, I'm usually not ready to write them as I'm still working them out. So if anyone has suggestions for one-shots, stories they would like to read, something they would like to see happen, drop me a line. Make a request. Just nothing slash or romance and remember that I am primarily a Shep-whumper. And be warned that I may take your request or I may not. Please don't be offended by this. It's all a matter of whether or not I can work with it. If it tries to turn into a chapter fic, I may have to scrap it (I allow for three chapters fics but draw the line at any longer).

If I do take the request, I'll probably post the story at Stealth Dragon's Lair, then later at if I feel like it, maybe elsewhere but definitely at the Lair. Where ever it gets posted, there will be a link.

I swear I'm not actually bored. One shots keep me away from chapter stories, that's all.


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