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I've never been a New Years resolution kind of person because I'll make goals whenever I dang will please, thank you very much. (Plus I'm not a big fan of New Years). But this time I... kind of, sort of did? I guess? And that is buckling down and writing up notes and outlines for new story ideas, rather than planning them a little here and there then taking notes only when I'm ready to write.

Which, technically, is a goal I actually started last year, but it was mostly world-building I'd focused on, with only a vague synopsis of what the story is about. Thing is, story ideas have been coming to me a lot quicker an a lot more put together than they used to be. Usually it takes me about a year to fully plan a story out. But recent stories have only needed a few weeks to a few days for me to flesh them out. So I don't want to focus on just world-building with only a vague synopsis, I want to get cracking on outlines.

Because I am sick and tired of having all this time to write with not a single story ready to be written. My hope is to get quite a list of story notes and outlines so that when it's time to write something else, I'll be ready to go.

Meanwhile, on a completely unrelated note, for Christmas I got Batman: Beyond the complete series. At first I was a little worried that it might not be as good as I remembered. I was wrong. I love this show. Still good as ever. Although I gotta laugh a little that the characters use flip phones.
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Well, I'm a dork. I totally forgot to announce that Magic's Perdition is now available for purchase, both paperback and for Kindle.

You can find it at Amazon.

You can also read excerpts from it at my author journal here (complete with artwork) and the Look Inside Feature at Amazon is active.

I have to say so far this book seems to be doing well in sales. I mean, not amazing or anything, but the fact that I've actually made a few sales for a book only just published is pretty dang good. Plus I've gotten two reviews thus far. With Toymaker it was months and months before I got any reviews.
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I swear writing is, like, 10% actual writing, 10% getting it ready to be published and 80% doing what you can to advertise. The new book - previously titled All the Devils are Here, now titled Magic's Perdition - is about a week away from going live but can currently be pre-ordered on Kindle. You can read excerpts of it on my author journal, and there's even pictures. Journal is updated, websites are updated, Facebook is actually being utilized, passwords had to be changed because I forgot half of them...

Meanwhile all the art stuff I'd had planned today probably isn't going to happen. Except, maybe, some drawing if I don't get distracted by other things.

In other news, thanks to Windows updates the sound on my laptop doesn't wrok as well as it used to and I have no idea why. I hate updates so much. We also have a hawk that's been harrassing out chickens and doves, the little punk. We've also been getting an influx of squirrels due to all the bird seed and chicken feed. They're funny little guys.

Our weather has also been absolutely gorgeous, but instead of anjoying it I'm worried it's going to be another mild winter. As someone who hates the cold, a mild winter wouldn't be a big deal except it's mean a major increase in bugs, most especially flies, mosquitoes, and the kind of bugs that like to destroy garden vegetables, so we need a nice cold snap to do some population control on the insects. Still, I have been enjoying the ability to open my window.

(And I do think we're at least starting to head toward cooler weather, since it seems we're going more and more into the sixties. So I'm hoping that we will have a real winter, it'll just be a little later than usual).

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Sep. 7th, 2016 12:57 am
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So after some discussion with some fellow indie writers over at SIA I actually managed to compile a longer list of title ideas for my upcoming story, and I wanted to get a little feedback.

Which title do you personally prefer for a story that's a fantasy/murder-mystery set during the 1940s?

[Poll #2053325]
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So a while back I had a dream about a non-existent Aline-esque sci-fi movie starring Sebastian Stan and now I totally want to write it. Except I have a ton of stuff I am doing and that I need to be doing and don't have time to write right now. I also think it may not be long enough to make it worth publishing as a book.

Thanks a lot Captain America!

(The dream also included a sequel in which Sebastion's character dies. But I ain't having any of that).
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How long would you say it sometimes takes you to plan out a story? Or how long do you usually like to take to plan a story?

I ask because I have this story idea that I have just been whipping through the planning stages like crazy. So, I think it may three or four part story. I began plotting it sometime last week. I've already got the gist of the entire plot planned out for all three/four books, the world building's done, I have the characters figured out, and pretty much all that's left is to outline book one and gice the characters their names. Plus some research. In other words, this sucker is pretty much ready to go, and I want to write it.

But it's usually my MO when it comes to a new story idea to let it sit in my head for a year, even if it's been pretty fleshed out, to see flesh it out even more, and also to see if I end up coming up with an idea that's even better (which happens often). I've had some bad experiences with story ideas that I jumped onto too soon, so it's made me rather wary about pinning this one on my "next story to write" list.

And yet, out of all the stories I've been planning... this one's the only one that I want to write that's anywhere near ready to go. Everything else I either don't want to write yet or isn't ready.

I do plan on making this story my next story to be written. I'm mostly asking the question in order to help me feel better about jumping on a new idea so soon, because I'm really not used to working that way. But considering how long I usually take to plan a story and how finicky I'm being about what to write next, I think it may be time I change a few of the ways I do things.
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So the Independent Authors group I'm part of over on Goodreads is hosting a one day event in which you can dowload books by indie authors for free.

Book Blast poster 2
My book, The Toymaker, is among them. But as it says on the tin, over 40 books to choose from:D For people who'd like to tweet about this it's #SIAFBB
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I feel like I'm spanning you guys with book covers. Sorry ^^; This time I just stuck with a green image since it's the direction I really want to go. Also, I may not have worded what it was I was looking for in the last poll. It's not that I'm looking for an image that stands out per se, but an image that would catch the interest of you as the reader. Which looks more proffessional and which pretty much screams "indie author doing everything herself and not doing a very good job at it."

Also, any suggestions for what I can do about the font color would be most helpful. I like the font, but font color as been my biggest issue. I may just have to hire someone to do font work. That I'm pretty sure I can afford.
Even more covers to vote for under the cut... )
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Thank goodness I'm done! I finished the first round of edits for Amrin the Dreamer!

Holy crap that was the worst editing I'd ever gone through. Think of the most poorly written fanfiction you've ever read, multiply it by fifty chapters, and imagine having to edit it. That's what editing Amrin was like. I adore the story to pieces but the writing was such a nightmare I'm amazed anyone bought the dang book when I first published it. When I first started re-editing it I could only do it once a week because attempting to edit it every day was depressing me, and I was lucky if I managed to get one entire chapter done. It got a little easier toward the end since that's where most of the action is, and I've always had an easy time with actions scenes. But everything else was an ordeal to clean up. My book is a prime example of why less is more is so important. I was so monstrously wordy, and most of those words were me reapeting mysellf :P

Now I can finally set the thing aside, and hopefully the next round of edits will go a lot smoother, not to mention quicker. But let my experience be a lesson to any beginning writers out there - edit the crap out of things! Don't just give it a few quick reads and then think you're good to go. Edit, edit, edit, then have many someones go over your story and edit again.
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Thirteen Nails is live! You can click here to read the first episode. I really hope you guys enjoy it. You can also reply to this post if you'd rather leave a comment on LJ than Wordpress. You'll notice in the table of contents for the first chapter that there's a place where you can go and comment. This is just to help keep things neat and tidy. Overall this is a completed work so I'm not looking for any critiques. But I will listen if you point something out that you feel needs addressed, such as a facutal error.

To help keep readers up to date on the next installment of Thirteen Nails, as well as announce any upcoming novels or novels now published and available to purchase, plus promotional contests, I'm starting a monthly news letter. On the sidebars of both the TN site and my author blog there will be a "subscribe to newsletter" which you can click on to sign up if you would like to recieve my newsletter. While I will announce the next installment of TN on both my LJ and author blog, the newsletter will also provide the status of upcoming episodes - namely if they're being written, edited, about to go up, etc. There's also an option in sign-ups to receive behind-the-scenes content, such as excerpts from TN and/or upcomging novels and concept art. The behind-the-scenes stuff won't be as frequent as the news letter, but it might be a fun surprise to get in your email if you want.

Just please don't sign up merely for moral support ^^; As awesome as support is, I would rather you sbscribe to the newsletter if you actually enjoy my works, whether my novels or TN or all of the above. Otherwise getting a newsletter for something you're not all that interested in may get old, fast.
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The continuing saga of this post.

Eh heh heh. So, contrary to the poll, I decided to go with Wordpress instead of Livejournal. I'd been considering LJ up until I remembered the issues I often had with posting lengthy documents, and LJ being a butt about what constituted "too long." It was one of the reasons why I stopped posting fic to my LJ, because why wrestle with wordcounts when you can post a fic that's as long as you want on AO3 or And Wordpress hasn't been a jerk about long documents.

Plus, even if I did post the story on LJ, you wouldn't want to follow it. I've decided that I'm going to post the story all at once rather than chapter by chapter. The reason for this is because I want the story posted in order, with the first chapter at the top of the page and the final chapter at the bottom in order to avoid spoilers. So to follow the blog would mean having to put up with quite a bit of spamming.

But when a new episode of the story is posted I will announce it on both my LJ and author's blog.

In other news, I've been frequenting the Support for Indie Authors thread in the Goodreads forum and found a really great thread on marketing your self-published book here. You have to be a member of the thread to comment, but it has some really great input that's gotten me thinking a lot more carefully about how I need to go about marketing my next book.
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This is mostly just to help me make up my mind on where I should post my online novel, since I can't decide.

[Poll #2003657]

Image Poll

Mar. 6th, 2015 05:35 pm
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Okay, I'm in need of a little input. I created some cover images for my online novel and I want to know which one you guys prefer. the story is an urban fantasy that deals with ghosts, magic and even magical beings, but in a more quiet manner - I guess you could say - than something like the Dresden files.

1. Nails cover 1

2. Nails cover 2

3. Nails cover 3

4. Nails cover 4

[Poll #2002406]
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Sometimes I really, really hate success story articles on self-published authors and how to self publish articles because it always comes down to the same dang thing - namely that author spent thousands on an editor, cover designer and promotion team in order to get their book out there. The problem is, a lot of us don't have thousands. I barely even have hundreds. And, yes, while I know you need to spend money in order to make money, it's rather impossible when you don't have said money to begin with.

So my quest to self-publish without spending money I don't have continues.

Thanks to a writing blog on Tumblr I was pointed in the direction of this one site that allows you to post your novel and get feed-back (real feed back, not feedback). It's called Authonomy and it's a really nifty little site. Authors can post part or all of a work, people can read it, leave feedback, authors can make corrections and repost to get more feedback, and there's even an opportunity for a story to rise in the ranks and become noticed by HarperCollins (who run the site). But even if you don't get noticed, at least you're still getting feedback.

 For readers it's also a place to read free stories and help an author out in the process. I've checked out a few stories already and while they're not perfect, they are definitely very well written (and by well written I mean nothing that's even remotely level content. These are people who know how to write, and even those stories that are rough around the edges are still easy reads that pull you in).

The only thing is that even if your intention is just to read and not publish you still need an account in order to access the books. The books are formatted so that you can either read them right away or download them to an e-reader.

My book can be found here if anyone wants to check it out. This is the bok, by the way, that I kept having doubts about despite the fact that I liked how it turned out. By putting it on this site my hope is at least to determine if it's something people would want to read. The only setback is that you still need to advertise yourself. Which means *sigh* having to be social. Thankfully, I like talking about writing :D

I almost forgot to mention that it also has some excellent writing resources such as forums and a blog page.
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Would anyone be willing to beta an original fic? It's the first part of my online story, and it shouldn't be a particularly long read (it's only eight chapters), and all I really need is for someone to point out any plot holes or points of confusion they come across. The basic premise is that it's about a guy who can see the dead and uses magic to deal with them (there's more to it than that, of course, but that's the gist of it). Warning wise there's some violence and an animal death but that's about it.

The help would be much appreciated. Although I would need it done around March (not the beginning of March, just sometime within the month).

Also, does anyone know anything about service dogs? The main character of the story suffers seizures and so had his dog trained as a service dog. Mostly I just need to know what method by which a service dog would warn their master that a seizure is coming on. For my story I mostly have the dog whine and paw at the character's leg.
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Re-edting a story from my early writing years is certainly turning out to be interesting. I had gone in with the firm beleif that I would be cutting a lot out - which I am - but I also seem to be putting a lot more in. Which, yeah, okay, I accept that stuff needs to be added as well but, dang it, I was really hoping to shorten this sucker.

But it's so fascinating to look at how I used to write and be able to compare it to how I write now via the changes I'm making. My mom used to say that one of my biggest writing shortcomings was my tendancy to repeat myself. And, boy, was she right. I'd touch on a subject in one paragraph only to touch on it again immediately after only worded differently. And I recall, while writing Amrin, being one of those writers that, for some reason, never felt confident that I'd made what I was trying to say clear, so I would say it again.

It's also interesting to see how rambly and wordy I was then, and also see how much more... condensed and to the point I am now (Amrin the Dreamer ended up being over four hundred pages when I first finished it. My latest book is barely over two hundred pages. In fact, if you were to line all my original novels up in chronicological order, you'd see a steady decrease in the number of pages in each book).

Writing issues aside, though, I was at least decent at putting a story together. I have yet to read a chapter I want to completely remove. However, there are parts of the story that are coming up that I'm seriously thinking about cutting, which may also mean cutting some characters. The first several chapters of Amrin are pretty much a whump fest that I know will eventually wear on readers. Problem is, many of those chapters introduce characters and concepts that will be important later on, which will mean figuring out how to condense everything without losing what's needed and possibly having to do a complete rewrite of those chapters.

Another interesting thing about Amrin is that when I wrote it, it was meant to be mostly action and adventure. But what I got was something a lot more character focused. At least I hope that's how Amrin comes across - as a story about Amrin and what he goes through, and that readers don't become impatient with the slow build (because, yeah, this is definitely not a fast-paced story).
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So do any of you vaguely recall my first foray into self publishing? A whopper of a book called Amrin the Dreamer? Yeah, so, here I am thinking I'd washed my hands of that book and would probably never look at it again. Then, over the past few days, I find myself thinking about that book quite a bit. I come to realize that, despite my impatience and naivety where my writing talents were concerned getting me to publish Amrin waaaaaaay sooner than I should have, I still love the story. It's still a good plot with good characters. And, hey, it's possible it might be salvageable.

So now I'm re-editing it with the plan to republish it. And, thank goodness, my brother - who helped me set up my LuLu account where the book is published - kept my LuLu password. I have everything I need for Amrin's relaunch.

The thing about Armin was that while it was a good story, the writing itself was a mess (seriously, the first sentence alone has a glaring grammar mistake that made me physically ill. I can't believe I published something that needed so much work done). I wrote it back during that age when you think you have natural writing talent and that you don't need no stinkin' editors, then wondering why the heck my book wasn't selling. My word I was an idjit back then. And, yet, despite the horrible dialogue and terrible sentence structure, I still love the dang story to bits. It's a sweet story - very Charles Dickens meets Lord of the Rings, only heavy on the Dickens aspect, especially at the beginning (the things I put my main protagonist through *shakes head*. If you thought my fanfic were angsty, they've got nothing on Amrin).

But Amrin is also a young adult novel, and lately I've been getting the feeling that I should probably publish another YA novel before publishing my current adult novel. For one, it would mean having three books under my belt (four if I decide to divide Amrin into two books, which I may have to end up doing - I wasn't kidding when I said it was a whopper, and I seem to be adding more to it than taking away) and for another... I just keep getting the strong impression that I need to establish myself a little more as a YA writer before publishing an adult novel. Or, perhaps, it's more about establishing what kind of writer I am. Because though I've said it before I'll say it again - the only real difference between my YA stuff and my adult stuff is the age of the protagonists. Other than that, there really isn't anything about my adult stuff that would make it unsuitable for the YA crowd. Except maybe violence but, well... Amrin. A rather large chunk of the book is about the abuse he suffers (Dickens would be proud of me). 

Either way, my game plan is now to get Amrin published first and my adult novel second. Now the only question still bugging me is whether to keep Amrin on LuLu or retire it there and move it to Amazon. moving it to Amazon would mean being able to sell it at a cheaper price and make it available for Kindle, plus I would have all my books in one place.

Keeping it on LuLu, however, it would eventually end up on Amazon, anyway, plus people have the choice of a hardback or paperback, and although it wouldn't end up on Kindle it would end up on Nook, as well as on Barnes and Noble's site. However, it would cost more :/

Decisions, decisions. But Amrin's going to take a while to edit so I've got time to figure it out.
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Has the following ever happened to anyone?

You write a story, you feel "meh" about that story. You enjoyed writing it, like the characters and plot well enough, but you're not particularly enthused about it. And yet, deep down inside, you feel that what you've written is a good story that people will enjoy. There's nothing wrong with the story, nothing you feel needs to be fixed, and although any work can be done better, you feel this work is also just fine as it is.

This is basically what I'm going through with my currrent novel. I have these mixed feelings in which I'm not all that thrilled with this story, and yet at the same time I know that it is a good story. There's nothing about it that makes me feel like I need to change anything, nor do I feel like it needs to be rewritten. Everything in this story works, and I know that people will get a big kick out of it. But my personal feelings toward it keep leaning toward "eh, you've come up with better ideas."

Which, yeah, I know isn't fair to the poor story, and it's kind of annoying.  It's not anything that's getting in the way of my plans to publish it, I just find it strange.

(I do kind of wonder, though, if my feelings are because the first half of the story focuses more on the mystery than any magic and adventure. I love a good mystery within a story, but I'm not the biggest fan of the mystery genre itself. And I usually prefer fantasy stories that involve some sort of journey or quest. I just... really like stories with people who go places and do things. The second half of my book has the characters taking a journey, and it's the part of the book I enoyed the most. In which case, it definitely is personal feelings clouding my judgement).
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The drums beat like an angry heart. Sebastian was escorted between two guards onto the scaffold, over the trap door. The rope was place around his neck. The crowd was silent, hundreds of eyes locked onto him, seeing him, confirming his existence for all of time. It didn’t matter that his name would be said with hatred, because his name would still be said.

Witch Craft: the Tale of Giacomo - Epilogue

Back to the Beginning - ch. 1
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Jantree didn’t believe Giacomo, and in fact seemed quite adamant about not believing him. It was as though for Jantree to believe Giacomo would mean inviting something wicked into the room, and to dismiss it as beyond preposterous would keep that from happening.

“Spirits possess. Beings with no physical form possess. But a living person cannot possess!”

“But it does not change what Giacomo has seen,” Alastair said. “A man stepped from the body just as Tallune fell.”

“A man? Not a spirit? Not something else? He is certain it was a flesh and blood man? Did he see these colors he’s always talking about?” Jantree said.

Neither Alastair nor Giacomo could answer this. There may have been colors, but Giacomo had been so focused on maintaining the image in the bowl that he had not thought to focus on the man’s colors.

Witch Craft: the Tale of Giacomo - ch. 5


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