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Keep in mind that this is not a challenge nor a story request. Being an avid daydreamer tends to lead to many stories ideas but not all of them I want to write, from original stuff to fanfic stuff. So I've opted to start giving plots away if anyone wants them.

I've had this one, an SGA one, that's been floating around in my mind that I'd rather not do. There's some action, but it's mostly angst, and I know that even as a one shot it's going to be looooong. So I don't want it.

Plot - Basically, Sheppard, Teyla, and several others, for some reason, are captured by the Asurans. John is tortured and made to hallucinate the death of his friends over and over. They escape - I don't know how - are rescued, and return home. Sheppard's quite traumatized and Teyla (and whoever else happened to be captured) become very protective of him. The reason why this is is because the SGC believes John has been compromised, and are forcing him to relive his hallucinations in order to find out. In turn, Sheppard start to deteriorate, and Elizabeth must find a way to end what the SGC is doing before he cracks.

And that's as far as  I got. I suppose if no one takes the idea then I might write it, but I'd rather not. So someone take it, please! Write it how you wish, or do something along the same premise but with an altered plot. I'm doing this in order to keep myself from writing it. I need to focus more on original works and the stuff I've yet to finish, so expect more plots to be handed out as candy. I don't mind if no one takes them, but I do feel kind of bad for the plots as they do have great merit.

And I think it's possible for more than one to take the idea. I mean there really is no such thing as an original idea, and there's many ways this particular plot can be written out. If you chose to use the plot I laid out, I only ask that you don't make it into slash, or romance with sexual situations. If you wish to use the concept (the concept being John tortured and the SGC torturing him some more for whatever reason) then you can do with it as you please.

I am also willing to collaborate. I did a collaborative story with Drufan and it was a blast. It also made writing easier, I don't know why. I wrote chapters faster with that story than I have with my own fics.


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