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I bought Frank Beddor's The Looking Glass Wars (a reimagining of Alice in Wonderland). I've been wanting to read that book for some time as I love fantasy books where the author doesn't go the usual Tolkein-like Sword and Sorcery route, but takes fantasy to whole new levels and directions. For example, Clive Barker's the Abarat, which is kind of like a modern day Alice in Wonderland, the His Dark Materials triology, and The Midnighters, of which I'm currently reading book two. Books where the author goes nuts with his or her own imagination, making up creatures rather than using what already exists in legend, or taking what already exists and reimagining them. don't get me wrong, I do love Sword and Sorcery, but I also love variety.

The thing is - and this could just be me - I haven't really seen similar stories done for adults. I've read sword and sorcery, and then there's modern day urban fantasy. I've also come across a mix of sci-fi and fantasy, but nothing quite as out there and wildly strange like Alice in Wonderland and the Abarat - stories that go as far as possible from the sword and sorcery norm.

Are there such books for adults and I just haven't come across them, yet?

The reason I ask is because I have several stories that are very untraditional fantasies: some for young adults, some not really age specific, and some more for adults since all the main characters are adults. I love not only making up unusual worlds, but unusual creatures as well.  I love worlds of magic with a hint of sci-fi, and sci-fi with a hint of magic. The wierder, the better. But, for the most part, the only place I can find such stories is in the young adult section at the book store. So it kind of has me concerned for my more "unusual" fantasies.
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I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Years Eve and/or a Happy New Years. I'm not a fan of New Years, mostly because of the months that follow. Three months of fun, color, food and gifts and then.... cold Janurary.  Followed by Fubruary and (oy) Valentine's Day. Nothing against celebrating love but I hate red and am lonely. Not a good holiday for people like me. Afterwards comes St. Patrick's Day. I assume all fine and well in Ireland, but in the US... *shakes head*. Don't get me wrong, I love green, but I don't appreciate being forced to wear it under threat of bodily harm. The only thing I look forward to from January to May is Easter and that summer is appraoching (summer, warmth, Independance day with hot dogs and fireworks *sighs contentedly*).

However, I do like New Years as an excuse to eat good food (corn beef brisket, mmmmmm) and we plan on seeing National Treasure two tomorrow, and we went to the bookstore today (they didn't have what I wanted, but they did have some interesting stuff). So, all in all, it's chalking up - thus far - to being a fun New Years Eve/New Years. Normally we don't do squat (though two years ago we had a Lord of the Rings marathon. That was a blast.) I stay up past midnight anyways, so doing so is never a big deal.

Though I'm feeling wary about the new year, I'm also feeling resolved. Something will change in my life - either my book will be released for sale, I'll take art classes, find a job, find volunteer work, or move. We shall see, we shall see. But something will change.

In the meantime, in order to focus more on my original fic, I've taken myself out of Flashfic for the time being in order not to be tempted. I will take part in any challenges that come along in other communities, but Flashfic has a way of packing my brain with too many ideas.
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I got myself a Borders gift card for Christmas. Yay! Now the dillemma. What books to get? Except for the Dresden Files and a few Mangas, I haven't really been reading all that much. One, because fanfic distracts me. Two, because I've yet to find anything that really, really pulls me in like Dresden Files has. I'm incredibly picky, and have stopped reading books for little more than them being too wordy or trying to be too philosophical.

So I need book recs - fantasy and/or Sci-fi. Can be adult or young adult. And not "yeah, this was kind of an amusing story" types, but something you felt was really, really, really good. I'm looking for something that will catch my attention, hold it and never let go. Something full of action and adventure. Bonus points if there are no heavy sex scenes, which is basically my only squick when it comes to published books (sex scenes in general but the smaller, barely detailed ones are easier to skip over.)

I would really appreciate the help.
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It's half past midnight here, so a big Merry Christmas to those who celebrate.

Now on to the news part.

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After days of living in an invisible forcefield protecting us from snow - but not rain, or mud, or cold weather - the happy and protective bubble finally burst, dumping snow on us in the form of a gentle blizzard.

It's beautiful, the snow like glittering powder. I love walking through it, even if it does get into my boots. Our Pomapoodle, Lavi, loves it. The little ding-bat keeps wanting outside and comes back in caked with snow. He's so funny, like a little kid. He likes bringing his stuffed elephant out and, sometimes, won't go outside without it. Other times, he forgets to bring it back in, and we have to go out and find it or he'll keep bugging us.

And that's all the news on the RL front.

Except for the western that's going to be on tomorrow, the one with Karl Urban in it *tries in vain to contain the need to squeal in delight.*
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I'm in an unusual fic mood, in that I'm looking for really, really, really good Shep-centered gen fic... and it doesn't even have to contain whump. Gasp! Character studies, emotional angst, emotional H/C, humor, team fluff. It just has to be Shep-centered and, like I said, really, really, really good - well written with a good plot. Something that, maybe, knocked your socks off or that you simply enjoyed without having to ignore off-characterization, bad spelling or poor flow. As well as any stories that you have written that you feel are either your best, or simply have a special place in your heart.

And, again, I stress Sheppard fics. Not stories where Sheppard gets whumped, or it's his POV, but the story itself is really about one of the other characters. Friendship fics are okay, whether John/McKay, Ronon or Teyla, or John/team. But, please, no romantic pairings.

Just think of this as a gen Shep-fic free-for-all.

A few I'd like to recommend: (I would rate all of these pretty much PG-13 and under, and all are gen.)

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A while back, my church started taking part in an effort to help children in Africa get in education. Someone in our church knows someone, specifically, who is working with a particular group of kids who were (and still are) in need of uniforms, or else they can't go to school. Since then, it has grown, with more uniforms being made, donations taken, and individual kids being sponsered.

My church - and my mom in particular - is trying to get the word out about this effort, so I thought I'd post the address to the web-site here in case anyone is interested in learning more about it, as well as wanting to help.
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A string of comments in a post in [profile] writers_lair on language (here, if you're curious about it, though the post itself was on language, not foul language) made me realize something about the use of heavy swearing in fanfic, something that, I thought, was just me but may not be. And now I'm wondering if it is just me or if there's something more to it.

AUs and I

Dec. 17th, 2007 06:24 pm
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Castles Ch. 17
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This is basically a more organized accumulation of issues previously discussed in my journal, collected into something more thought out and less tainted by heat-of-the-moment frustrations. Spoiler free.

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The reason for the screenshots. First Shep-drawing so please be kind. Drawing people makes me nervous.

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I need a screenshot of Sheppard's back, with him looking over his shoulder. Bonus points if he's sitting. Extra bonus points if he's sitting on a gurny or table-edge.

Trust me, I do have something planned for all these screenshots I've been requesting. A lot of somethings, but not very easy somethings tod do, which is why you haven't seen any of said somethings.
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And now, for what you all have been waiting for... it's Rodney's turn.

Castles Ch. 16

Ice storm's a comin', baton down the hatches! No, I don't know what hatches are, just figure it out yourself! I find it cruelly ironic that the one time I actually want to get out of the house - to see a movie - in comes an ice storm to slick up the roads. And, of course, no one knows how to drive when that happens. Oh well.

What's worse is the frenzy this weather is putting the muses in. Oh, the story ideas! Must... resist... must...! I also find it ironic that when there's fic that needs to be written (*cough* Secret Santa *cough!*) All you want to do is write everything and anything except for that fic. *Cracks whip* Bad muses, bad! Work on Secret Santa fic now! No leisure fic, no Flashifc, no Thoughtcrimes until Santa fic is done!

Oh, lovely, now they're pouting.
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Castles Ch. 15

For Laughs

Dec. 6th, 2007 03:16 pm
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These are just some silly little Christmas song parodies I'd made up a long time ago. The product of being bored and having a desire to rhyme. No worries, none of these are sacriligious in anyway. Hope you find them amusing.

Definitely need to rethink whether or not I want to take credit for these.
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As the title says...

Got bored, changed the layout. It'll take a little getting used to, but I like it. Much more fun, which is wierd because I'm no fan of red. Still, color is color and this one makes me happy. Probably because there's more to it than the last one.


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