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This is probably stating the obvious for those of you who've been around the block when it comes to various fandoms, but I find it interesting, as well as frustrating, all the subtle little things that makes each fandom unique.

Thoughts on White Collar, M7, Criminal Minds, and Stargate Atlantis Fandoms )
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Title: Vin's Dragon
Rating: PG for some violence, language
Character: Vin, dragon OC, some Chris, Nathan, mentions of Josiah
Summary: Vin has his very own dragon. M7/Temeraire fusion.

A/N: Big, huge thanks to [ profile] sharpes_hussy for her invaluable beta service and support. This here story you're about to read is just a bit of whimsy, spawned after finishing Black Powder War, book three of the Temraire novels. I couldn't help thinking about what having dragons in the old west would have been like, and one thing led to another until this story was born. You don't really need to know the novels to understand what's going on, but some FYI: dragons can learn whatever language they happen to hear while still inside the egg. If a dragon is not harnessed as soon as it is hatched, it will not let anyone ride it. But the dragon has to allow the harnessing to happen, and whoever harnesses it becomes its captain/rider.

Now on to the story...

Vin's Dragon )
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Title: Friendship can be a Bear
Rating: PG for language and some mild hurtin'
Characters: Vin, Josiah
Summary: Josiahs' drunk and mad, Vin's the unlucky one who has to deal with him.

Notes: Though I've enjoyed the show since it first aired, this is my first M7 fic. Big thanks to [ profile] sharpes_hussy for the beta, title, motivation and pointing me to a plethora of excellent Vin stories that eventually inspired me to finally write something :D

Friendship can be a Bear )


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