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I feel like I'm spanning you guys with book covers. Sorry ^^; This time I just stuck with a green image since it's the direction I really want to go. Also, I may not have worded what it was I was looking for in the last poll. It's not that I'm looking for an image that stands out per se, but an image that would catch the interest of you as the reader. Which looks more proffessional and which pretty much screams "indie author doing everything herself and not doing a very good job at it."

Also, any suggestions for what I can do about the font color would be most helpful. I like the font, but font color as been my biggest issue. I may just have to hire someone to do font work. That I'm pretty sure I can afford.
Even more covers to vote for under the cut... )
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The next installment of Thirteen Nails is up for anyone reading it. This one's a little more lighthearted and a little shorter than the last episode.

Episode Three: That's Magic for You
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Thank goodness I'm done! I finished the first round of edits for Amrin the Dreamer!

Holy crap that was the worst editing I'd ever gone through. Think of the most poorly written fanfiction you've ever read, multiply it by fifty chapters, and imagine having to edit it. That's what editing Amrin was like. I adore the story to pieces but the writing was such a nightmare I'm amazed anyone bought the dang book when I first published it. When I first started re-editing it I could only do it once a week because attempting to edit it every day was depressing me, and I was lucky if I managed to get one entire chapter done. It got a little easier toward the end since that's where most of the action is, and I've always had an easy time with actions scenes. But everything else was an ordeal to clean up. My book is a prime example of why less is more is so important. I was so monstrously wordy, and most of those words were me reapeting mysellf :P

Now I can finally set the thing aside, and hopefully the next round of edits will go a lot smoother, not to mention quicker. But let my experience be a lesson to any beginning writers out there - edit the crap out of things! Don't just give it a few quick reads and then think you're good to go. Edit, edit, edit, then have many someones go over your story and edit again.
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Woo-hoo! I just entered my very first writing contest. I've normally shied away from writing contest since that's the last thing my ego needs to dwell on, but I was sent an invitation to join and I thought what the ehck, I'll give it a go. It's a way to get exposure if nothing else.

The story I entered is Witchcraft: The Tale of Giacomo, which I had originally posted both on my author site and fictionpress. If you read it and enjoyed it, I'd love for you to give it some votes.

The story and where you vote can be found here -

If I don't win or even place it's no big deal. As I said, I'm mostly doing this for exposure. But I wouldn't mind at least one vote.
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If anyone on my flist is reading, the next episode of my online story is up.

Episode two: In Dreams
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The drums beat like an angry heart. Sebastian was escorted between two guards onto the scaffold, over the trap door. The rope was place around his neck. The crowd was silent, hundreds of eyes locked onto him, seeing him, confirming his existence for all of time. It didn’t matter that his name would be said with hatred, because his name would still be said.

Witch Craft: the Tale of Giacomo - Epilogue

Back to the Beginning - ch. 1
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Jantree didn’t believe Giacomo, and in fact seemed quite adamant about not believing him. It was as though for Jantree to believe Giacomo would mean inviting something wicked into the room, and to dismiss it as beyond preposterous would keep that from happening.

“Spirits possess. Beings with no physical form possess. But a living person cannot possess!”

“But it does not change what Giacomo has seen,” Alastair said. “A man stepped from the body just as Tallune fell.”

“A man? Not a spirit? Not something else? He is certain it was a flesh and blood man? Did he see these colors he’s always talking about?” Jantree said.

Neither Alastair nor Giacomo could answer this. There may have been colors, but Giacomo had been so focused on maintaining the image in the bowl that he had not thought to focus on the man’s colors.

Witch Craft: the Tale of Giacomo - ch. 5
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Giacomo sat on the steps of the Apothecary with his arms on his knees and his hands clasped so tightly together the skin had turned white. The day was aging, the clouds going from snow gray to gray blue, and no one paid any mind to the man huddling in front of the shop, which was as it should be.

Giacomo had come to this place not knowing where else to go or what to do, his face and side throbbing so fiercely that he hadn’t been able to think, so he had to let his feet take him where they would.

Witch Craft: The Tale of Giacomo - Ch. 4
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It was strange how one could live a large portion of their life in a single place and never come to know that place in its entirety. In part because one never had a reason to, but also in part because there were some places less welcoming than others.

Giacomo had never been to the magisterial building, because to reach it would mean going through parts of the city that were he spotted by a constable or guard, he would be immediately deemed a beggar and chased away. But not today, as he rode in a hackney next to Alastair, and dressed… not in finery, with the jacket too large and frayed and the shoes rather clunky and worn… but far more presentable than were he in only his usual clothes....

Read More...Witchcraft: The Tale of Giacomo - Ch. 3
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Giacomo had never stopped to consider whether or not he was an obsessive person. He’d never had a reason to. There wasn’t much in life that he wanted other than a meal, a warm place to sleep and enough time to observe the haloes.

But there was an inexplicable need clenching inside him to understand what it meant when a body had no halo, and he supposed that this was what it meant to be obsessed. He didn’t understand this need to know, because knowing that it was possible for someone to be alive with no halo terrified him.

And yet he had to know why, as though whatever part of him could see the colors could not stand for there to exist a living being without colors...

Read More... Witch Craft - Chapter 2
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Genre: Fantasy, Mystery
Rating: PG+
Summary: All living things have souls, and all souls have colors that only Giacomo can see. But what does it mean when something living has no colors? Giacomo intends to find out, but fears where the answer may take him.

Witch Craft: The Tale of Giacomo

This is something that's been sitting on my harddrive for a while, but due to much dithering and mind-changing and more mind-changing, I'm only now posting it. Updates will be every Monday and Friday
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Rating: PG
Genre: Sci-fi, dystopian
Summary: You never know what light might be found in the darkness.

You Never Know
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Summary: The day to day aboard the Humane Society.
Rating: G

The Humane Society of the Milky Way

A/N: This is based on a prompt I gave [ profile] sholio, but who then encouraged me to write it, so I did :D
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Rating: G
Summary: In which there is a wet-behind-the-ears secret agent in the making, a mad scientist bent on taking over the world, and a very endearing cat.

How to Save the World without Meaning to or think of the Kittens

Note: Inspired by the stereotypical villain's love for cats. This is posted over at my Wordpress page, but if you would like to leave a comment feel free to do so on my LJ.


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