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Well this was an unpleasent Independance Da. So we were all looking forward to some July 4th fun...

And then we had to put one of our dogs down.


Annie was old, arthritic, and getting worse pretty much daily. She'd stopped eating and could hardly move, and today she pretty much couldn't move at all, so my mom had the vet come out to the farm where most of our pets who've passed are buried, and Annie has now joined them.

I'll be honest in saying that out of all our dogs (we have a lot, I'll admit that, too) Annie wasn't a particular favorite of mine. I didn't hate her or anything. But she was a terrier mix who was incredibly stubborn, and in her younger years, infuriatingly ornery. She took any and every chance she could to bolt out the door and/or the gate and take off, which meant having to chase her down, and that dog absolutely refused to let us catch her or even return when we called. It eventually reached a point where we just gave up and waited for her to come back, which she always did. She started doing this less as she got older, but even in her old age she still gave it a try now and then. She liked going after my cats all the time. She had a bark that made your eardrums feel like they were bleeding. She'd also bark... and bark... and keep on barking and whining until she got her way.

But she was a very friendly dog who got along with everyone, and I will miss her even though she did get on my nerves from time to time.


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