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So just when I thought I might be done with this show... nope!

I'd stopped watching Sleepy Hollow after the first half of season 2, when things were getting uncomfortably complicated and Hawley seemed to be taking over. Then I watched the first ep of season three.

My show is back. I even returned to the second half of season two, finished it, and fell in love all over again. And it's ironic, because a major reason why I began drifing away was because they were doing everything I despise - making the newest character more front and center, pushing Crane toward the back and turning him into the comedy relief, and making things so complicated it seems like there's no possible way for it all to end except ugly.

Now the show is doing everything right. Hawley's gone. The friendship between Abby and Crane is back on track. And now we have Jenny and Corbin's son having adventures together, which I love.

SPoilers for the latest ep ahead )

I'd forgotten how utterly adorable Crane and Abby's friendship is. I hope they never take it in a shippy direction because it's just too precious.

I've never had a show get back to the basics the way Sleepy Hollow has and I'm loving it. Keep it up, show. Keep it up.

(Although I am really iffy about the Sleepy Hollow/Bones crossover. It's just... a lot weird and rather hard to wrap my ahead around. Although I suppose if viewed as crack then it might be humorous, especiallly should Bones and Crane geek out over history... or argue over historical accuracy).
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Dang you, show. Who gave you the right to kick me in the feels like that? Who gave you the right!

Anyway, before I proceed with my thoughts on the season thus far, be aware that I haven't watched the fall finale yet so please no spoilers (I'm very slow about watching shows).

Season 2: Likes and Dislikes. And Spoilers. )


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