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I really should have done this sooner, but kept getting ambitious about it with plans to do a drawing or a story or finding a vid and... never getting around to it *sheepish*

So Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and I hope every had fun and got nice things :D I got nice boots - yay! - because I've been needing nice church boots for some time. And these boots have traction, which means no more terror-induced walks to and from the car in the snow.

And we had snow! A nice white Christmas, kind of in the melting stage but, still, snow for Christmas is the best :D dinner was also interesting - Tex-Mex with two kinds of enchaladas and home-made tamales. It's a new tradition, but we liked it :D

My health issue of horror is clearing up and practically gone, thank goodness. Now I just need to finish off the antibiotics that like to make everything taste funny :P

My sister's big present (which she didn't get for Christmas, actually, but is still considered part of her Christmas presents) is a little black and white Chihuahua she named Cassie (Cas for short, after a certain angle on Supernatural). We got her from the shelter around November. Her back legs don't work (not paralyzed, just deformed) and she was going to be put down if a home couldn't be found for her. But being the sucker for handicapped animals that we are - with our three-legged dog and crooked-legged cat - her deformed legs were no-never mind to us :D She actually gets around quite well but it means dragging her legs in an awkward position, so we'll be getting her a little cart, soon. In the meantime, she's a hoot, just scurrying around, acting all tough, beating up on shoes and slippers. She's also a spoiled little princess that everyone caters to (I'm seriously tempted to get her a little pink crown). Her and our big old lab-mix, Jack, are best buds, too. It's too adorable seeing this little dog playing with this big old dog, and Jack is quite gentle about it.

And that's our Christmas in a nut shell :D How was yours?


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