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Okay, I know there's this thing about 2016 being a year of, well, dying. It's mostly been celebrety deaths, and for a time I kind of thought it was an exaggeration, but... yeah... I kind of have to agree with the sentiment.

Not only did we lose one of our dogs and I lost a feral cat this year, but Christmas day I discovered my other feral cat - the really sweet one who was my favorite and who had the cutest meow - got hit by a car. Plus this November one of the vet techs at the Humane Society's clinic who had worked there forever had passed away, and she wasn't anywhere near being old (she was the one who helped me in getting my cat, Pepper). Then my mom told me that two people she had gone to school with had passed away.

Good gravy, 2016, enough already!

The loss of two of my ferals also reminded me why it is none of my indoor cats are allowed to go outside. There have been times I thought about fixing up the backyard for Pepper because she keeps wanting outside. Welp, that's not gonna happen. I've lost too many cats to the outdoors over the years. She can go outside if she has a leash on, an only in the backyard. Other than that, no outside for her.

Also what is it with bad stuff wanting to happen on or near certain holidays?

(On the plus side, I had one annoying medical issue go away, and I'm crossing my fingers that the years ends with no other medical issues cropping up, I awlays get the weirdest, most obnoxious ailements around this time of year).
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I'm ready to strangle my laptop. For the past week my Office Word program keeps freezing up every time I go in to work on a document. I then go to programs and run repairs, only for the repair program to keep going and going until I finally restart my laptop. It then says the program is fixed and I am able to use it. Then the next day when I start my computer back up and open a Word document, the stupid thing freezes.

I've tried everything I can, even uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing works. I really hope my brother can figure this out because about about ready to put my fist through my laptop. A sure way to really tick me off is to keep me from doing what I need to do and progressing. I'm so close to finshing the sixth edits of All The Devils are Here, which I would like to get done today so I can have it beta read. I swear Word doesn't want me finishing this thing :P Well, screw you, Word, I'm finishing it one way or another. I'm tired of not having anything else to publish just yet.
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I am so bored! And not in the sense that I have nothing to do, but in the sense that the things I want to do I can't do just yet, and everything I can do - like writing - I'm a little burned out with and need to take a break from.

The situation as it stands... )
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So I spent the entire day yesterday sculpting this really awesome piece using air dry clay, so certain that I managed to prevent the thing from cracking when it dries, only to wake up this morning to find the whole thing cracked beyond being any kind of salvageable.

I researched the matter to see what I did wrong but be that as it may, I'm done with the air-dry stuff. If it isn't the entire piece drying unevenly then it's racing against time trying to get things done before all the little bits dry out, and having to remember every so often to re-wet the clay (which doesn't really happen when you get super focused). Yeah, I'm done. I do know there are ways of keeping your sculpture from drying out but they sound like too much of a hassle (especially since my work area is rather small). I'm giving Sculpey a second chance (I was never a fan because of how soft it was, but there's firm brands as well).

All that said, I actually think I like sculpting better than drawing. The thing about drawing is that there are certain things my brain can't seem to compute, which is why a lot of my drawings are always in profile and why drawing eyes drive me crazy. But sculpting is 3-D and provides a full 360 degree view, and while the smaller details can be a bit tricky with the way my hands sometime shake, those details are much easier for my brain to wrap around. I was incredibly pleased with the sculpture I made last night... and now it's broken. But, hey, I learned a lot and know what I can do to make the piece even better.

Just not with air dry clay :P
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Oh, gosh, we're home, finally! *resists urge to kiss the floorboards* And I am never leaving again!

Okay, so I know from the above statement and my previous post of woe my trip sounded like a disaster. But it wasn't, in all honesty. It actually started out really great when we spent two days at my first oldest sister's house, then spent two weeks at my second oldest sister's house. We shopped, visited the tide pools, hung out at a beach, saw old World War Two bunkers.

The thing is, the whole point of this trip was to attend my nieces' weddings. The first wedding was a small, quiet deal that took In Which it's good to be home like you wouldn't believe. And much griping ahead. )
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Argh! Argh, Argh, Argh! And More Argh!

So I finally found a Merlin Holiday fic exchange comm, except they have a limit of only forty writers being able to sign up, and it's first come, first serve. And of course I was too late to sign up and I am so... very not happy about it.

Since it's an exchange I can understand wanting to keep things to a minimum to make things less complicated, but participation limits are also incredibly frustrating since there's so much stress involved in trying to meet the deadline. And I also find it a tad unfair for those who, for whatever reason, can't meet the deadline nor do they have or can find a proxy to sign up for them.

It's also frustrating because I have been looking everywhere for some kind of Merlin fic exchange or Merlin comment-a-thon or something that isn't a friggn' kink-meme so that my prompts have more of a fighting chance. Yet every time I find something it's either closed down or I'm too late to participate. And Gen Table doesn't exactly have a ton of participants, let alone enough to do a holiday exchange.

So all that said, does anyone know of any multi-fandom comms doing holiday exchanges or comment-a-thons or just someplace you can post a prompt (not kink-memes)? Is fandom stocking open, yet? I just want to post a Merlin prompt or two! *headdesk*
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When someone says they're going to cook dinner and they don't.

And they don't...

And they're still not cooking anything...

Then it's eight o'clock at night and no dinner.

It's not that I'm one of those people who expects dinner to be ready at a certain time or anything. It's that if something comes up and that person isn't able to cook or doesn't want to then it would be nice to know while there's still time to both think of something to cook and cook it. I'd be more than happy to cook if someone else isn't able to or doesn't want to, but there needs to be time and energy to figure out what to put together, make sure you have the needed ingredients to put it together, go and fetch the needed ingredients if we don't and to put it together in time so that we're not eating at ten o'clock at night.

I've also discovered that I can get incredibly irritable when hungry. Really, really irritable.

ETA: I forgot to say that family is staying with us, and that means people who volunteer to cook if they have specific dinner ideas or want something only they know how to make. I'm usually the cook of the house but I've been more than happy to step aside and let others prepare dinner... that is, if they prepare dinner :/
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I took a spill down the stairs. Thankfully it was a slide and not a tumble (yay for quick reflexes!) But my right foot took the brunt. I can still walk on it, but bend it the wrong way and it hurts. I'm pretty sure it's sprained or something (and... what was it you do for sprains? Ice, elevate and a wrap?) and my tailbone aches :P

I always knew that one day those stairs would best me. Evil, evil stairs. Get 'em Obi-wan!
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Um... yeah... okay, so... what the crap are schools teaching?

Shocked, appalled and a little more scared about the direction the world is going )
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I miss the good old days when you could request information without anyone assuming you're immediately committing to anything. A pamphlet, why is it so hard to request a pamphlet of information without it turning into some big thing? There's a reason I prefer only pamphlets (or informative websites that actually inform) over talking to someone, because pamphlets don't spend almost an hour talking to you like you've actually signed up, then attempt to doggedly convince you to do what you haven't decided if you want to do (or, more accurately, talk you into something you decided not to do).

I suppose I should word this more accurately - I miss the good old days when, on receiving your pamphlet of information, you made the call to the company if/when you were ready, the company didn't tack on a call from them along with your pamphlet whether you wanted to talk to someone or not.


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