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Okay, I know there's this thing about 2016 being a year of, well, dying. It's mostly been celebrety deaths, and for a time I kind of thought it was an exaggeration, but... yeah... I kind of have to agree with the sentiment.

Not only did we lose one of our dogs and I lost a feral cat this year, but Christmas day I discovered my other feral cat - the really sweet one who was my favorite and who had the cutest meow - got hit by a car. Plus this November one of the vet techs at the Humane Society's clinic who had worked there forever had passed away, and she wasn't anywhere near being old (she was the one who helped me in getting my cat, Pepper). Then my mom told me that two people she had gone to school with had passed away.

Good gravy, 2016, enough already!

The loss of two of my ferals also reminded me why it is none of my indoor cats are allowed to go outside. There have been times I thought about fixing up the backyard for Pepper because she keeps wanting outside. Welp, that's not gonna happen. I've lost too many cats to the outdoors over the years. She can go outside if she has a leash on, an only in the backyard. Other than that, no outside for her.

Also what is it with bad stuff wanting to happen on or near certain holidays?

(On the plus side, I had one annoying medical issue go away, and I'm crossing my fingers that the years ends with no other medical issues cropping up, I awlays get the weirdest, most obnoxious ailements around this time of year).
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Okay, so, apparently there's this ideology that's been going around which involves the belief that it should be okay for a woman to have an after-birth abortion. With the cut-off age being at five years old. The belief being that since children within this age-range can't take care of themselves, then they aren't really human.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o.O

How the crap do people who think this way even exist? I mean, I'd like to think society as a whole smart enough not to let this be anything more than a bunch idiots being a bunch of idiots. But, still, that people even think this way... that they try to justify it...

I normally try my best not to be judgemental of people, but the people who think a child isn't a human being and therefore it's okay to "abort" them is a disgusting monster.

(ETA: To clarify, this isn't an actual thing that people or the governement  are trying to push. It came about during a discussion on abortion on college campuses, in which some students and professors expressed that they didn't see anything wrong with aborting a child after it was born.)
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So, a problem with wanting to make things to sell is needing to get ideas of what to make, and needing ideas on what to make means looking around at things other people have made for inspiration. And since I've been browsing DeviantArt for ideas, and DeviantArt likes to suggest similar things I would be interested in looking at based on what I'm currently looking at, I have been plagued with the need to make all the things! Figurines and dolls and puppets and just... gah! No, brain, no. What I'm doing is fine.

Here's just a few things I've been coming across that have sent my muses into a mouth-foaming frenzy of ideas.

*Sobs!* Dang it, muses, I can't do all the things most especially on this level just stick with what I know gaaaaah! And forget making dolls because I hate sewing and I'm terrible at it! This is what I really don't like about being artistic - the desire to do it all because it all looks so awesome.

Really, though, what would make me happy at least is being able to do more details on my sculptures. I see these dragon sculptures with scales and fine designs, but whenever I try to do it I end up with a mess. The problem is the warmer Polymer clay gets the stickier it gets until it's practically goo. But firm Sculpey is a little too firm and hard to work with. However, I was reading a sculpting tutorial and one thing the author did was mix regular Scupley with firm Sculpey, making it easy to work with but able to do fine details on, so I may try that.

But other than that, I'm going to stick with sculpting things to go on the front of altered books, books people can use as photo albums or diaries. I'm actually happy with what I sculpt, I'd just like to be able to do more and make my scuptures a bit more unique. I may also branch out into figurines once I get a better handle
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And I know this because it keeps giving me the weirdest ailments that leave even doctors scratching their heads.

For the past couple of months, starting in November, I'd been putting up with a sore tongue. The soreness stayed specifically on the tip of my tongue though it would sometimes spread a little. At first, I thought it was because of dry mouth, then I thought it was an infected taste bud, then I thought it was food allergies. I tried salt water rinses, honey rinses, and, finally, peroxide. Sometimes all these treatments did was lessen the discomfort. Sometimes the discomfort would go away for a while only to come back.

I'm the kind of person who will try to treat something myself, and if no treatment works or if things just keep getting worse then I'll go see a doctor. Mostly because, at the time, I didn't have insurance or a doctor. Now I do and was finally able to go see one. And... they were left scratching their heads. They believe I have something called burning mouth syndrome, an ailment that can come out of nowhere and, unfortunately, go nowhere. I'd been able to keep it under control with a nightly peroxide rinse, but they're going to put me on a treatment that's supposed to help with the burning. I'm also being referred to a throat, nose, ear specialist for more opinions.

My body is always doing this to me, I swear. Before the tongue thing there was the infection in which the antibiotics for it left me dependent on probiotics. Before that was a rhythmic pain in the back of my skull that had to rhyme or reason to it, then one day just went away and never came back.

Here's an idea, body - how about a year where you don't stick me with something odd. Think that's too much to ask?
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So I've been watching The Listener reccently, and for those who don't know it it's basically about a guy named Toby who can read minds and goes around helping authorities solve crimes using his telepathy. It's an enjoyable show, but being a "case of the week" show it does have it's stale moments, and has a bad habit of being a bit cliche at times (and by that I mean many of their stories are stories I've seen a dozen times aready in other shows. For example, going under cover by taking part in a poker game to find out what "bad guy" is up to.)

But despite the show doing what a lot of shows have done already, I like the show, I do. But sometimes...

Spoilers ahead for those who haven't seen this show and want to, or who have just started watching.

Oh, show, you did not just do that... )
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You know, it's a good thing that, from what I've heard, Colin Morgan isn't a big fan of the Internet. I don't blame him. Here I am, just trying to find a photo from one of the plays he did, and of course Google or whatever the heck site I went to has to be all nice and helpful and offer me "other photos I might like," and now I really wish there was such a thing as brain bleach because.... gaaah! *gags* Why! Why would anyone photo shop his head onto... doing... and also doing... with a thing... Get it out of my head!

I just wanted a picture from a play he did!

*Pets poor Colin and hopes he never sees what I saw and wish I could unsee*

This is why I don't do stuff like Tumblr or Facebook and rarely do Internet searches of my favorite actors. I have no luck with these things, I really, really don't. Google searches scare me.

(ETA: At least the pictures were too small at the time for me to pick up on the details. Still, I wish they had been even smaller :/)


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