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Middle school from sixth grade to the end of seventh grade was pretty much a nightmare for me. It started off well until we had to move, and I went from being socially stable to floundering. I was only able to make one friend the first year, and was pretty much a target for anyone looking to feel superior by knocking someone else down (mentally, not physically). The second year I was finally part of a larger group, only to be kicked out of that group because one of the girls, for some reason, hadn't liked me. She had managed to talk my best friend into telling me not to hang out with them anymore. The other members of the group still talked to me, but I wasn't allowed to join the group at lunch or before school.

It ended when my ex best friend up and started talking to me again, out of the blue, and just like that I was back in the group.

It was so weird and even to this day it still boggles me. At the time, obviously, it was a negative experience. Today, although it still annoys me thinking back on it, it's become a curiosity rather than a negative aspect of my life. If I learned anything from that experience it's not to take friendship for granted, to take into better consideration other people's feelings and to try my best not to do what might end up hurting someone else.

Life did get better after that, especially once I entered high school, which was a total blast for me even when we had to move again.


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