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Color me intrigued.

I wasn't sure if I was going to give the new season a go, but then I saw the first ep and just... wow.

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My sister just sent this to me.

Want... this... right... now!

I'm thinking it may be time for an icon shuffle. I really needed my Dr. Who icons right about now.

ETA: Okay so there's apparently been a ton of debate on whether or not this vid is real. Personally I'm withholding judgment since I don't recognize any of the scenes as being from previous episodes, but it could also be that the vidder knows their stuff and knows how to splice things together in a way that it makes it hard to "spot the scene" unless you've got the episodes memorized right down to the finer details.

But I do know that there is going to be a fiftieth anniversary episode and David Tennant is going to be in it. And whether the vid is fake or not, it's still pretty dang awesome and spectacularly made :D My squee will not be diminished!
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I didn't really have anything of a Christmasy nature, so I went with some adorablness instead ;) May not be dial-up friendly.

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Cutest, funniest episode ever!
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Title: Five Words
Rating: G
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble
Warnings: None
Summary: The Doctor left Donna with two defenses.

A/N: Just a little something that popped into my head.

Five Words

The Doctor left Donna with two defenses.

First, he gave her a self-healing box hiding the memories that could kill her. When the box cracks, Donna will sleep until the box is repaired. Second, when the box was closed and Donna's memories were safely hidden, he gave her words. Five simple, harmless words. And when she is down, when her mother nags her to the edge of her sanity, when she is sad and doesn't know why, she hears the words, whispered to her like a precious secret between two dear friends

Donna Noble, you are brilliant.

And she smiles.

The End
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For all you 10th Dr. Who fans, a rec - Hollow World by Veldeia. Synopsis: The 10th Doctor and Martha, stuck in a cave, utterly unprepared and separated from the TARDIS - what else could go wrong?

This is one of those stories that could have been an episode. Just a fun little adventure for those of you looking for episode-like stories, free of romance, OC companions, and AUs. It has excellent characterization and even more excellent Doctor whump.
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Title: Five Times the Doctor Got Sick (10th Doctor)
Rating: PG for mucus and a smidgen of vomit, Gen
Characters: 10th Doctor, Rose, Martha, Sarah Jane, Donna
Disclaimer: I don't own Dr. Who, so there.
Summary: Five times the 10th Doctor fell ill. This is my first venture into Dr. Who fic, and I'm an American so, yeah, I beg you to be kind *quakes nervously* Big thanks to [ profile] karri_kln1671 for the beta help and clearing up my little Void/Vortex issue ;).

Five Times the Doctor got Sick )


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