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All my stories, no matter the fandom, are Gen and range from G to PG-13 only.

The following archive I created a while back for those stories not posted on my journal. But I'm terrible at maintaining archives, for which I apologize for, and what you see below is not all there is, nor is SGA the only fandom I've written for. My stories are a bit all over the place, and what can't be found in my journal or this archive can be found at the following sites.

To find stories on my journal just click on fanfiction or which ever fandom you are interested in in the tags.

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I've never been a New Years resolution kind of person because I'll make goals whenever I dang will please, thank you very much. (Plus I'm not a big fan of New Years). But this time I... kind of, sort of did? I guess? And that is buckling down and writing up notes and outlines for new story ideas, rather than planning them a little here and there then taking notes only when I'm ready to write.

Which, technically, is a goal I actually started last year, but it was mostly world-building I'd focused on, with only a vague synopsis of what the story is about. Thing is, story ideas have been coming to me a lot quicker an a lot more put together than they used to be. Usually it takes me about a year to fully plan a story out. But recent stories have only needed a few weeks to a few days for me to flesh them out. So I don't want to focus on just world-building with only a vague synopsis, I want to get cracking on outlines.

Because I am sick and tired of having all this time to write with not a single story ready to be written. My hope is to get quite a list of story notes and outlines so that when it's time to write something else, I'll be ready to go.

Meanwhile, on a completely unrelated note, for Christmas I got Batman: Beyond the complete series. At first I was a little worried that it might not be as good as I remembered. I was wrong. I love this show. Still good as ever. Although I gotta laugh a little that the characters use flip phones.
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Okay, I know there's this thing about 2016 being a year of, well, dying. It's mostly been celebrety deaths, and for a time I kind of thought it was an exaggeration, but... yeah... I kind of have to agree with the sentiment.

Not only did we lose one of our dogs and I lost a feral cat this year, but Christmas day I discovered my other feral cat - the really sweet one who was my favorite and who had the cutest meow - got hit by a car. Plus this November one of the vet techs at the Humane Society's clinic who had worked there forever had passed away, and she wasn't anywhere near being old (she was the one who helped me in getting my cat, Pepper). Then my mom told me that two people she had gone to school with had passed away.

Good gravy, 2016, enough already!

The loss of two of my ferals also reminded me why it is none of my indoor cats are allowed to go outside. There have been times I thought about fixing up the backyard for Pepper because she keeps wanting outside. Welp, that's not gonna happen. I've lost too many cats to the outdoors over the years. She can go outside if she has a leash on, an only in the backyard. Other than that, no outside for her.

Also what is it with bad stuff wanting to happen on or near certain holidays?

(On the plus side, I had one annoying medical issue go away, and I'm crossing my fingers that the years ends with no other medical issues cropping up, I awlays get the weirdest, most obnoxious ailements around this time of year).

No Title

Dec. 20th, 2016 05:05 pm
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December is being interesting this year, it seems. For one, we're actually - finally -getting some real winter weather: cold tempreatures and even snow. But Kansas being Kansas the weather is still trying to be all over the place. It's supposed to be in the upper fifties on Sundy, but I'll believe it when I see it. Last time the weather said it was going to be in the fifties it also said it was going to be sunny. It was neither, it was freezing and cloudy and that was the day my mom had us help put tarp over the storage trailer.

But, surprisingly, I'm not complaining even though I hate the cold. We've been needing a real winter, mostly to cut down on a lot of the bugs that have been driving us nuts the past two summers. Plus it helps you appreciate warm weather more.

I also sold my first doll! But being my first sale I keep fretting over the package. Did I write the address clear enough? Should I have put more bubble wrap on the doll? That kind of thing.

Also for the first time we've have to put up a barricade around the tree to keep it safe from the dogs. Usually it's the cats that are a problem, but we have a lot of stubborn boy dogs who have been having a peeing contest with eachother. We've also resorted to putting diapers on them, that's how bad the peeing thing has gotten.

I've also opened up my Etsy store to making custom dolls, so we'll see how that goes.
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Well, I'm a dork. I totally forgot to announce that Magic's Perdition is now available for purchase, both paperback and for Kindle.

You can find it at Amazon.

You can also read excerpts from it at my author journal here (complete with artwork) and the Look Inside Feature at Amazon is active.

I have to say so far this book seems to be doing well in sales. I mean, not amazing or anything, but the fact that I've actually made a few sales for a book only just published is pretty dang good. Plus I've gotten two reviews thus far. With Toymaker it was months and months before I got any reviews.
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It was so nice to go back into the Harry Potter world. I think my only complaint was that I wished we got to know Newt a little more, otherwise it was a wonderful movie. I'm really hoping they do more if possible.

Dr. Strange

Nov. 7th, 2016 07:21 pm
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So, there's a number of people out there voicing how they're getting tired of Marvel movies. Me? I say... I want moooooaaaarrr! Seriously, every Marvel movie I've seen has been nothing but a blast, even Civil War which also kind of depressed me. I also think Dr. Strange is my new Marvel favorite along with Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy. The things he can do makes my fantasy-loving heart flutter with joy.
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I swear writing is, like, 10% actual writing, 10% getting it ready to be published and 80% doing what you can to advertise. The new book - previously titled All the Devils are Here, now titled Magic's Perdition - is about a week away from going live but can currently be pre-ordered on Kindle. You can read excerpts of it on my author journal, and there's even pictures. Journal is updated, websites are updated, Facebook is actually being utilized, passwords had to be changed because I forgot half of them...

Meanwhile all the art stuff I'd had planned today probably isn't going to happen. Except, maybe, some drawing if I don't get distracted by other things.

In other news, thanks to Windows updates the sound on my laptop doesn't wrok as well as it used to and I have no idea why. I hate updates so much. We also have a hawk that's been harrassing out chickens and doves, the little punk. We've also been getting an influx of squirrels due to all the bird seed and chicken feed. They're funny little guys.

Our weather has also been absolutely gorgeous, but instead of anjoying it I'm worried it's going to be another mild winter. As someone who hates the cold, a mild winter wouldn't be a big deal except it's mean a major increase in bugs, most especially flies, mosquitoes, and the kind of bugs that like to destroy garden vegetables, so we need a nice cold snap to do some population control on the insects. Still, I have been enjoying the ability to open my window.

(And I do think we're at least starting to head toward cooler weather, since it seems we're going more and more into the sixties. So I'm hoping that we will have a real winter, it'll just be a little later than usual).
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I just finished watching The Secret of Kells on Netflix. It is an aboslutely gorgeous animated movie with a very interesting art style and a lovely (if a little sad) story. I highly, highly recommend this movie if you're into both fantasy and art.
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We need more Westerns. Also, despite having seen the original and knowing what was coming, I still didn't see any of that coming.


Oct. 3rd, 2016 01:56 pm
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Thank you everyone so muchf or the birthday greetings and well wishes :D My big plans for today include going to see Magnificent 7, which I'm really looking forward to. After which there will be dinner at Red Lobster and, hopefully, for my present I'll be getting a drawing tablet, which I'm really, really looking forward to. I'm going to go nuts designing book covers.

Finally, there is now the bonus of being able to go around and quote the following...

"I'm 37."


"I'm 37, I'm not old."

(Help, help, I'm being repressed!)
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Okay so I really have to question my search skills. Ever since I started making dolls I couldn't find squat in tutorials about making even stuffed animals, only to one day stumble onto a tutorial even though I wasn't actively looking for one.

The eople who make these kind of dolls are incredibly tight lipped about it. The reason being... well, I'm not sure about the reason. They say it's because of trade secrets and in order to keep themselves in business. Which, to me, doesn't make sense. For one, it isn't exactly going to cause in influx of doll makers and competition, since with these dolls it's more about sculpting and painting/decorating skills than it is about sewing, and people with poor sculpting and painting/decorating skills aren't going to sell much. For another, People in other mediums have no problem sharing their secrets on how to do things, even if those things are their livelihood. I mean, it's art, and art is always going to be diverse. Some make their dolls styalized, others realistic, others cartoony, and there's a market for each. The only real difference between these dolls is how people sculpt them, paint them, and decorate them. Other than that it all involves wire or stuffing, fake fur, and a lot of sewing.

To me it would be like someone who paints or draws saying "Sorry, no tutorials, trade secret."

Unless people are afraid someone is going to copy their doll style for style? I don't know, I just find it odd how hard it is to find anything on making stuffed animals and poseable dolls.

(Which had been a massive frustration for me where sewing was concerned. My sculpting has been improving but how I sewed the fur on hadn't improved, and I swear it was only getting worse. I finally found a video that offered a few tips on sewing and I'm going to try them out for my next doll. I don't know why giving people sewing tips is so dang hush hush ).
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I just finished binge watching Stranger Things and if you haven't watched this show yet, watch it. I want more shows just like it.

This show also has the best portrayal of the 80s I've ever seen. There's even a character who wears the same style of glasses that both my sister's wore. And all the 80s music, so many songs I used to listen to as a kid and loved.

Title Poll

Sep. 7th, 2016 12:57 am
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So after some discussion with some fellow indie writers over at SIA I actually managed to compile a longer list of title ideas for my upcoming story, and I wanted to get a little feedback.

Which title do you personally prefer for a story that's a fantasy/murder-mystery set during the 1940s?

[Poll #2053325]
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Dang it, this is the second show that's almost made me cry. I know a show is doing something incredibly right when it hits me in the feels like that. Come on, Netflix, I need season two like right now!
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I know I tend to say this about a lot of movies but... that was so much fuuuuun! I want to see it again!
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Okay, so, apparently there's this ideology that's been going around which involves the belief that it should be okay for a woman to have an after-birth abortion. With the cut-off age being at five years old. The belief being that since children within this age-range can't take care of themselves, then they aren't really human.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o.O

How the crap do people who think this way even exist? I mean, I'd like to think society as a whole smart enough not to let this be anything more than a bunch idiots being a bunch of idiots. But, still, that people even think this way... that they try to justify it...

I normally try my best not to be judgemental of people, but the people who think a child isn't a human being and therefore it's okay to "abort" them is a disgusting monster.

(ETA: To clarify, this isn't an actual thing that people or the governement  are trying to push. It came about during a discussion on abortion on college campuses, in which some students and professors expressed that they didn't see anything wrong with aborting a child after it was born.)

The Flash

Jul. 14th, 2016 09:52 pm
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So this is yet another show I got into after the fact, mostly because I didn't know what day and time it came on, and but mostly because I'm really not into watching TV as I used to be. Actually I hardly watch any TV at all these days save for a small handful of shows (which I mostly record and binge on when in the mood). But I'd been wanting to watch the Flash for some time, so I turned to Netflix.

The show is cheesy, a tad cliche, and I'm a week in and already half-way through the season and thus far I adore it to bits. It pretty much has everything I love in a show - action, adventure of the week, underdog hero, sci-fi/fantasy elements, teaminess, family, and just good-old fashion fun without tyring to be all serious and grim dark. Every single character in this show is likeable, even the ones you're not meant to like.

I also love that so far this isn't a show to brush things under the rug or prolong drama for the sake of drama. The things that don't need to remain a secret don't remain a secret for fippin' ever but neither are they tossed out there quick as possible. It's a show that acknowledges that death and the terrible things that happen to people are actually terrible things. It follows through on its consequences, and even the death of a minor character - heck, even a villain - is acknowledged as it should be acknowledged.

And the whump. My gosh, the whump! It is a thing of absolute beauty and I love the fact that they have it pretty much every episode because they can! I have never had a show that was this satisfying where the whump is concerned. I love how this show takes so much into account where The Flash's powers are concerned, how they effect him and how his physical well-being is still extremely important even though he can heal fast.

(Now watch as I finish the season and end up hating the rest of it :P Except the more I watch the better it gets so, naaah!)

(Also, what is it with guys who have the power of superspeed? The Flash, Quicksilver, them being awesome, them being whumped. They have been doing nothing but right by me :D).
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Well this was an unpleasent Independance Da. So we were all looking forward to some July 4th fun...

And then we had to put one of our dogs down.


Annie was old, arthritic, and getting worse pretty much daily. She'd stopped eating and could hardly move, and today she pretty much couldn't move at all, so my mom had the vet come out to the farm where most of our pets who've passed are buried, and Annie has now joined them.

I'll be honest in saying that out of all our dogs (we have a lot, I'll admit that, too) Annie wasn't a particular favorite of mine. I didn't hate her or anything. But she was a terrier mix who was incredibly stubborn, and in her younger years, infuriatingly ornery. She took any and every chance she could to bolt out the door and/or the gate and take off, which meant having to chase her down, and that dog absolutely refused to let us catch her or even return when we called. It eventually reached a point where we just gave up and waited for her to come back, which she always did. She started doing this less as she got older, but even in her old age she still gave it a try now and then. She liked going after my cats all the time. She had a bark that made your eardrums feel like they were bleeding. She'd also bark... and bark... and keep on barking and whining until she got her way.

But she was a very friendly dog who got along with everyone, and I will miss her even though she did get on my nerves from time to time.
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My gosh it's finally done. After days of research and dithering and more research, my Etsy shop is open: The Critter Emporium.

Right now I just have the two dragons for sale although I plan on doing more than just dolls. The store is also up and running - - although I kind of feel like I made this store more to help sell my books than the dolls. But either way... I've got a business!

Now, will this business actually pan out, especially since I swear I have the worst luck when it comes to trying to have any kind of an income. Even now I'm kind of wondering if I should lower the price from $200 to $150. But the dolls are rather large, and looking at other dolls I've come across, even slightly smaller ones are priced similar or slightly more. What do you guys think? Is 200 hundred reasonable, should I go slightly lower, or should I just wait and see and lower if needed?

Also can I just say again how much I love Wix? Putting the site together may have been a pain with the way it slowed my computer down, but the end product has made me so dang happy.


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