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I've been tweaking some of the things I like to cook, trying to make them different, give them more flavor. For example, I love making homemade Macaroni and Cheese but always used regular Kraft cheese. I stepped it up to using sharp cheese, giving it a little more flavor, then stepped it up again by mixing Velveeta with Sharp cheese, giving it both flavor and making it extra creamy. Cream cheese plus velveeta plus sharp plus bits of bacon is the awesome :D

My latest victim is egg noodles and Cream of Mushroom. I love anything plus noodles and cream of mushroom as its easy and quick to make. But I've made it so much that I've gotten sick of it. So I altered the recipe, added pureed onion cooked in butter plus Portabello mushroom cut into pieces and used ground turkey instead of ground beef. It needed extra salt, but other than that, it was gooooood :D

I've also been trying a lot of new foods. Couple of weeks back I made some shrimp enchiladas. The shrimp could have been bigger (shrinks like crazy when you cook it) but it was delicious - just like the kind you get at restaurants.

Something I plan on making once it gets really cold is homemade mushroom soup. I had a mushroom bisque at this soup and sandwich place in Utah, and have been craving good mushroom soup since.

If anyone is interested in the above mentioned foods, let me know and I'll PM you the recipe (some of the recipes may have copyrights).


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