May. 7th, 2016

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So, a problem with wanting to make things to sell is needing to get ideas of what to make, and needing ideas on what to make means looking around at things other people have made for inspiration. And since I've been browsing DeviantArt for ideas, and DeviantArt likes to suggest similar things I would be interested in looking at based on what I'm currently looking at, I have been plagued with the need to make all the things! Figurines and dolls and puppets and just... gah! No, brain, no. What I'm doing is fine.

Here's just a few things I've been coming across that have sent my muses into a mouth-foaming frenzy of ideas.

*Sobs!* Dang it, muses, I can't do all the things most especially on this level just stick with what I know gaaaaah! And forget making dolls because I hate sewing and I'm terrible at it! This is what I really don't like about being artistic - the desire to do it all because it all looks so awesome.

Really, though, what would make me happy at least is being able to do more details on my sculptures. I see these dragon sculptures with scales and fine designs, but whenever I try to do it I end up with a mess. The problem is the warmer Polymer clay gets the stickier it gets until it's practically goo. But firm Sculpey is a little too firm and hard to work with. However, I was reading a sculpting tutorial and one thing the author did was mix regular Scupley with firm Sculpey, making it easy to work with but able to do fine details on, so I may try that.

But other than that, I'm going to stick with sculpting things to go on the front of altered books, books people can use as photo albums or diaries. I'm actually happy with what I sculpt, I'd just like to be able to do more and make my scuptures a bit more unique. I may also branch out into figurines once I get a better handle


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