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Over fifty thousand words and exactly one hundred pages written! Obviously the story is far from being done, but the goal has been met! :D

Now the question stands - will the momentum continue, or slow to a painful, once-a-month crawl? I'm going to have to slow things down at least a little. I really need to flesh out future events, plus I have other projects on my table that need my attention.

But one way or another, slow or quickly, I will finish this story.
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It's been raining, and when it rains there's a chance the Internet gets screwed up. Why? I don't know, that's just the way it is. But today, instead of the Internet, it's the phones going buggy, with the Internet working just fine. This is odd, because usually, when the phones don't work, the Internet doesn't work. The phone keeps flashing "in use" and when I pick it up, I hear absolutely nothing. But the Internet is running like nothing's happened. Man, I hope no one needed to call for any emergency purpose :/

NaNo's moving along and lately I've been thinking a lot about whether or not I like this push-forward, fast-paced writing. Keeping up the word counts can be a little overwhelming at times but for the most part that's overshadowed by the fact that I'm getting words down. Every day. I've accomplished more in a week with my NaNo story than I have in a month with my other original story. The really ironic thing, though is that this is the first time I've bowed to a writing goal. Normally, I suck at goals, my stubborn side always fighting against them. But not with NaNo. Now if I can only harness this motivation after November, because I can totally see myself setting my story aside to the point that it never gets finished until four months later (and I'll have to set it aside at least for a little while as I have other projects on the table that will need attending to).
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All righty! I'm finally starting to ease into where things start to get intense and twice as unusual. I'm both excited and nervous. Excited because that means there will soon be fight scenes (I do love fight scenes) but nervous since what I have in mind from here on in is still a bit scattered, and I've caught up with myself in terms of having all my various scenes organized. But thus far this story has been nothing but cooperative so though there is some unease, it's no where close to panic.

I've also come to realize that I have given one of my characters "daddy" issues, which is odd because All though I had planned for it I hadn't noticed I was planning for it, if that makes sense. What's the big deal, you say, since as I said I had planned for it? The big deal is that I'm not really a fan of the whole (to put it mildly) "My daddy didn't hug me there for we have issues" trope... so to speak. All though in my character's case it's a lot more than just hugging problems, obviously. Still, it's something I usually try to stay clear of if I can. But, well, in the end it's the story that's the boss, and this story demanded that someone needed to have daddy issues.

On the other hand, one could also argue that it's more "Daddy having daughter issues," which I find a more interesting concept.
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Not filtered since I don't really say anything about my story that would give it away.

Writing multiple characters is scary. So, I did a little research, found here, here and here for anyone who is interested. They had some excellent advice on how to handle multiple characters.

One of my biggest problems with writing multiple characters is I always feel the need to give each character equal "screen time" so to speak. I want each character to have an equal amount of POV time, as I feel that's how you make each character important to the story. And, as a result, I always trip up and am unable to move forward.

The articles I found touched on this and how characters don't need equal POV time to be important. They also talked about the importance of having a "main character," someone to focus on so that your story doesn't feel like it's all over the place. And that the fewer "main characters" you have, the better. This makes me feel slightly better since I do have two focus characters. But I'm still having issues with wanting to give everyone equal POV time. This makes me nervous since I have several story ideas that have multiple characters.

It's also odd since there was a time I used to feel comfortable writing multiple characters, when I didn't worry about giving each character equal screen time. I just wrote according to what felt right. I wish I could get that mindset back. I'm now hoping my NaNo story will help retrain me on handling multiple characters without getting caught up in trying to write everyone's POV.


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