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Rating: PG
Characters: Peter, Neal, some Jones
Warnings: Er... CPR?
Summary: AU ending to Hard Sell. It's more than just Neal's breathing that's stopped. Written for [ profile] nefhiriel at [ profile] collarcorner. Prompt here. Hope you like :D

1 through 30 )
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Title: The Cat's Meow
Rating: PG
Characters: Peter, Neal, Mozzie, Diana, Jones, a couple of cats
Summary: Peter and Neal's latest undercover assignment gets a little "hairy" - pun totally intended. Written for [ profile] love_82 for this Prompt at [ profile] collarcorner. Sorry it took so long. For such a simple plot it sure put up a fight.

The Cat's Meow )
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Title: Gratitude
Rating: PG
Characters: Mozzie, Neal, Peter
Summary: Mozzie loves being justified in sticking it to The Man. Written for [ profile] florastuart for this prompt at [ profile] collarcorner.

A/N: Takes place sometime in the earlier seasons, I'm thinking around end of season one, start of season two or so.

Gratitude )
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Title: Don't Mess with the Hat
Rating: PG
Characters: Neal, Peter
Summary: Neal's not feeling too good, and not for the reasons he thinks.

A/N: Written for [ profile] frith_in_thorns for This Prompt at [ profile] collarcorner. Sorry it took so long, but I kept having all these ideas that would not work. Plot bunnies, oi.

Don't Mess with the Hat )
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Title: Coming Home
Rating: PG
Characters: Peter, Neal, El, Hughes, June, Diana, Jones
Warnings: Spoilers for Judgment Day
Summary: Peter has someone important he needs to pick up. Written for this Prompt at [ profile] collarcorner. Big thanks to [ profile] aelfgyfu_mead for giving me the much needed inspiration to make this story possible.

Coming Home )
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Title: Neal
Rating: G
Characters: Neal, everyone
Warnings: Spoilers for Judgment Day
Summary: When Neal is little, he has big dreams. Tag to Judgment Day.

Neal )
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Title: Out on a Ledge
Rating: PG
Characters: Neal, Peter
Warnings: None
Summary: "What was that saying? A friend will bail you out of jail. A best friend will be sitting in the cell next to you."

Out on a Ledge )
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Title: Manhunt
Rating: PG
Characters: Neal, Peter
Warnings: Language
Summary: Neal can't lie to Peter to save his life, but that's kind of the point. not beta'd but edited like crazy. Written for [ profile] poorfenny at [ profile] collarcorner for this prompt

Manhunt )
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Title: Stop me if you Heard This One
Rating: PG for language
Characters: Neal, Peter, Mozzie
Warnings: None
Summary: Neal tries very, very hard not to get drunk - or drugged, or both - for good reason. Not beta'd but edited.

A/N: This is one of those poor stories that have been sitting on my harddrive forever. I thought it was high time to post.

Stop me if you Heard this One )
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I've been in such an intolerant mood, lately - I don't know why - and it's meant trying very hard not to spam my own journal with lots of venting.

White Collar Happy Dance - no spoilers of any kind unless you haven't seen the midseason finale... wait, no, still no spoilers )
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I didn't really have anything of a Christmasy nature, so I went with some adorablness instead ;) May not be dial-up friendly.

This way for the yums )
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Title: Unusual Alliance
Rating: PG-13 for injuries and off-screen violence
Characters: Peter, Mozzie, Neal, Elizabeth
Summary: Neal is missing, and Peter's only help is a little man with a love for Russian surplus. Written for [ profile] sholio for [ profile] collarcorner. Prompt found here and here.

Unusual Alliance )
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Title: Red Lines on white Walls
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Neal, Peter, Mozzie
Warnings: Blood, some violence but nothing explicit
Written for: [ profile] hesselives for the [ profile] collarcorner Ficathon.
Summary: An old associate of Neal's has requested his help, and isn't giving him much choice in the matter. Beta'd by the awesome [ profile] rabidchild67.

ETA; It was with much annoyance that I realized I'd published the un-beta'd version of this story (I am such a tool!) It has now been fixed.

Read Lines on White Walls )
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Three answers to three [ profile] collarcorner prompts. I decided to post them at the community so as not to spam my f'list, and didn't do a single post because I felt them too long to put them all in one place.

Of Bandages, Band Saws and Dogs

Peter vs. Shopping

For a Moment
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Title: A Study of Reality
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Neal, Peter, Mozzie, Diana, Jones, Elizabeth
Warnings: Dark
Summary: Neal has a feeling he's being watched, and it only escalates from there. Beta'd by the awesome and helpful [ profile] tj_teejay. Written for [ profile] swanpride and [ profile] nayahchan at [ profile] collarcorner. Prompts found here and here.

A Study of Reality: Pt. 1 )
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Title: Destination
Rating: PG
Characters: Neal, some Peter
Summary: It's not getting out that's the problem, it's getting back. Written for [ profile] ellenoz for this prompt at [ profile] collarcorner. Set sometime during season three.

Destination )
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I know I said no more reviews but I just had to say something on this ep...

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! )
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For many various reasons I've decided not to do any more White Collar reviews. I've realized that ever since I started doing reviews I haven't been enjoying the show as much as I used to. I was analyzing it too much, nitpicking too much, thinking too deeply about it and it was sucking a lot of the fun out of it for me (even though, yes, most of my posts were squee posts). I want to enjoy the show as is without thinking too much about it. I will still discuss the show when the mood strikes, and may read other people's reviews, but no more reviewing for me. Sorry :(

All I have to say about this week's episode is that I liked it, a lot, and that's all I'll say. Whether you liked it or not is fine, but I would rather not discuss it.


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