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It was so nice to go back into the Harry Potter world. I think my only complaint was that I wished we got to know Newt a little more, otherwise it was a wonderful movie. I'm really hoping they do more if possible.

Dr. Strange

Nov. 7th, 2016 07:21 pm
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So, there's a number of people out there voicing how they're getting tired of Marvel movies. Me? I say... I want moooooaaaarrr! Seriously, every Marvel movie I've seen has been nothing but a blast, even Civil War which also kind of depressed me. I also think Dr. Strange is my new Marvel favorite along with Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy. The things he can do makes my fantasy-loving heart flutter with joy.
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I just finished watching The Secret of Kells on Netflix. It is an aboslutely gorgeous animated movie with a very interesting art style and a lovely (if a little sad) story. I highly, highly recommend this movie if you're into both fantasy and art.
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We need more Westerns. Also, despite having seen the original and knowing what was coming, I still didn't see any of that coming.
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I know I tend to say this about a lot of movies but... that was so much fuuuuun! I want to see it again!
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This one is my new favorite X Men movie after First Class and the first X Men movie. Dang you, Michael Fassbender, getting my feels all going like that. I can't wait to see him in Assassin's Creed. I never even played Assassin's Creed, I just want to see Michael play an assassin. In the previews alone he looks smokin' hot...

Have I told you how much I like Michael Fassbender?

Seriously, though, there are very few third installments of a franchise that I like, but Apocolypse is now one of them. Enjoyed the heck out of it.
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Enjoyable, though it may be my least favorite of the Marvel movies, which is a pity since I really like Cap. It did increase my love for Antman, though. That guy is ridiculously adorable. I'm also looking forward to the Black Panther movie. I really like that guy.

More thoughts, spoilers very, very, very mild. )
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I can finally stop avoiding spoilers!

And Staaaar Waaaaars! This movie gave me so many happy chills. And sad chills. But more happy chills.

Spoilers... )

As always with me, if you comment please keep things on the squee side.

Ant Man

Jul. 31st, 2015 04:46 pm
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I think Ant Man pretty much sums up why I tend to like Marvel movies better than DC (although I do love the Dark Knight movies). Marvel knows how to have fun, and Ant Man was a ton of fun. It's like it knows that the idea of Ant Man - a man who can become tiny and control ants - is rather a silly concept, and rather than even try to take it seriously, it goes to town with that silliness. It's not the most powerful of the Marvel movies, but in a way that's kind of a breath of fresh air after so much epicness with the previous movies. It was nice to have something more small (no pun intended) and contained, doing its own thing in it's own little world with only a few shout outs to the MArvel universe, rather than making it about the Marvel universe.

(And if you didn't like it or were meh about it, that's totally fine, but... er... please no anti-squee coments? I've been running into a lot of negativity towards movies in general, lately, and I'm kind of tired of it. Mind you, I'm incredibly easy to please when it comes to movies, and I can hand-wave and explain like nobody's business. What usually bothers people about a movie rarely ever bothers me, and it takes a lot, I mean a lot, for me to even remotely dislike a movie. Mostly because I always have a good sense of what I'll like and what I should avoid, and it's a sense that's never steered me wrong. But, anyway, I digress, and the point is I'd much rather squee than nit-pick.)

Mild spoiler... )
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*Happy sigh* I love movies like this.

A Bit of NAttering about Spoilers and Movies in General... )

Finally, some favorite scenes...
Spoilers )
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*Sniff* I'm not crying, you're crying (seriously, I could hear people sniffling in the theater).

Personally, I feel this one to be the best out of all the Hobbit movies. It had a really strong LotRs feel going on, not just with the battle scenes but the emotional scenes as well. My gosh, the emotional scenes! I just... I can't...!

This is definitely the one to go see in theaters. Even if you were "meh" about the others, I really urge you to go see this one. (The emotions! Gosh dang them!)

ETA: And if the movie isn't enough to get the old emotions going, take that!

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Alternatively titled - go-see-this-movie-it's-so-much-fun! It also managed to surprise me in two ways. 1: it's excellent balance of humor and kicking you right in the feels. 2: I went in expecting to be a fan of mostly Rocket but then ended up adoring everyone. Drax ended up being the biggest surprise. I thought for sure I wouldn't care for him but he turned out to be friggin hilarious. And the movie as a whole is chocked full of teamy goodness and crazy shinannigans. I'm already looking forward to the sequel :D
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First, the non-spoiler review - so much squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Now, the spoilery review. Do not read until you have seen the movie. Seriously. It is so much better going in not spoiled.

I mean it. Don't read this until after you've seen the movie... )
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I was a tiny bit iffy about this one since it was Raimi directing it and I'm not always a fan of his flare for the odd and eccentric. But I was pleasantly surprised. He was perfect for this project. It was really cute, and I actually wouldn't mind seeing them do a reboot of the Wizard of Oz as a sequel.
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My word this movie took forever to get on the big screen! My sister and I clearly recall that it was supposed to come out last summer.

Anyway, good old fashioned fantasy fun, that's what it is. Very exciting, very intense and very well put together IMO, with a good balance of serious and humorous. And I really like the actor who played Jack. I was rather meh about him in X-Men First Class (mostly because of his character, who I was meh about until he became Beast) but he was really excellent in this movie. And Ewan is awesome as always :D I really liked his character.
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Daaaang! I'm not a really big Bond fan but that movie was a blast. I loved who they got for Q, he was adorable.


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